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    I took a ride on all the Darkland’s subway rails to check on the condition of them. There were several spots where people open a way through the subway wall but did not close up behind them. Othe places people used water or blocks to cross over the lava by the tracks. I replaced some missing lamps, the missing blocks, destroyed the paths over the lava. There was also 2 spots missing track. The worse area was the jungle line. Someone thought it would be funny to place cobble stairs all over the tunnel. In some areas the blocks were over the track where people would take damage if they went through. I took down a stack of stairs, some cobblestone, and stone. If a creeper somehow gets on the tracks and blows up please send me a message and I will fix it asap. Creepers can cause great destruction on the tracks.

    1. I can understand people going through the walls. The tunnel system is there to provide a safe way to get around. Please block up behind you. Leaving it open makes it easy for mobs to get on the tracks. It would suck going back with a full load and you get blown up by a creeper and lose all your stuff.

    2. If you must go to an area behind the lava that is up against the tracks, please go to the side, go through the wall, and close up behind you. Leaving paths over the lava makes paths for the mobs to get on the tracks. Please do not use water to cross the lava. The lava is a light source and removing the lights make it for mobs to form.

    3. Please do not take out lights. If you need lights there is the guardian temple. It is set up for easy farming and is free for all.

    4. If you feel the need for blocks please feel free to mine the darklands. Stuff that has been built are not for mining. Taking blocks from builds or outright destroying areas that have been built by others is griefing and is a bannable offense.

    5. For the prankster that placed the blocks all over the jungle line, you got a freebie this time for I cleaned up your mess. If you have blocks you do not want, leave them in chests at the safe houses, toss them outside the safe house, or toss them in lava. Please do not place them all over the place.

    6. Please feel free to check out the parks on the subway system. They were build for people to enjoy and to break up the long train rides. Please do not take blocks from these parks. Several people have worked very hard on them. Again, to destroy these parks is a bannable offense.

    The darkland’s subway system took a lot of hard work. Items and time were donated to build this system. Please keep it nice for everyone. Many people worked of this huge project.

    Also I found that the safe houses are not finished. We still need a house for Taga and Sunflower plains. And for the train to go up to the surface on the flower plains. I am sorry that those were not done. I thought it was all done.

    It took over 3 hours to ride the lines and clean up the mess. Please, lets keep the subway system safe and nice looking. The Darkland’s is a dangerous area and the system makes it safe to get to all the zones with out fighting all the mobs.

    Thanks again for everyone that put in the time and items to make this system as great as it is. I encourage everyone that has yet to check it out to go and see the system and the parks along it.

    Have fun and Happy Building.

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