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    So, in my survival world (which I don’t usually play in), I checked my enderchest and this is what I saw:

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    If you don’t recognize it, it is my creative enderchest, in a survival world. My previous enderchest’s contents have been destroyed (I mean like, a super pickaxe, dragon egg, iron ingots, diamonds, logs, and a few other things (I dont’ really have exact values of the amount of items :\)). However, it seems as if they have been replaced with about equal worth items from my creative enderchest. I am sure this is a bug, and would be OK with either keeping the creative items or getting my old items back because I actually think they are similar in value. I believe this has happened to several users (which may have less/more dramatic consequences based on creative enderchests), but I just wanted to let you know of this ‘error’/’bug’.



    This happened across the server. The ender chest plugin failed that created different ender chess in different worlds. The result was only one ender chest contents surviving (mine was my DL one) then Unc installed a new plugin and split some worlds which then duplicated the surviving contents. Endstate is many of us lost a lot or got duped items (personally I lost a ton) but it is rough log digging work for Unc to recover each persons items so best to just drive on and restock unless you lost something irreplaceable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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