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    Okay so in addition to the Building contest! Nashuer and I would like to host a PIG HUNT!! you heard right… those angry snorting pigman you see in the nether?! we wanna smash em good!

    Nashuer and I will be Participating in this pig hunt… Because why not?!
    EVERYONE CAN WIN INCLUDING US! as this is for fun.

    So if you would like to join us please comment below!
    There will be Prizes and it will be lots of fun!
    This is also a contest! Whoever has the most golden nuggets at the end wins!
    We will lay down chests and give you a sign to claim one to put your loot in.

    RULES :

    1- no Traps
    2- No Armor
    3- you are allowed up to 3 iron UNENCHANTED swords – you must provide.-
    4- We will provide you with an unenchanted Bow and limited arrows (3 stacks each)
    5- NO Cheating, Be honest and dont bring gold form the outside world.
    6- Fire Resistance Potions are allowed we will Provide 2 potions per person. All other potions are instant disqualification.

    PRIZES :

    First Place – Mending Book and 500 Uncs

    Second Place – Enchanted Bow with Power IV, Flame, Infinity And 250 Uncs

    Third Place- 125 Uncs


    Golden Sword = 0.5pt
    1 nugget = 1pt
    1 gold ingot = 9pt

    Pig hunt WILL be Timed!

    As we can not have this go on non stop for days we have decided the pig hunt will be timed.

    The pig hunt will last 45 minutes At the end Everyone will put their loot into their perspective chest for a grand tally then winners will be announced!

    Sign up date goes from Feb. 27 thru March 4th.

    NOTICE: Pig Hunt Will commence On March 6th, 2017 At 1800EST
    There will be a skype call going for This Pig Hunt, It is optional to join in on this call but let me just tell you it makes things a lot more fun! just ask SpaceIdiot, Hammerschmedit, and DoomLuk!
    We have a blast!. You will need my Skype name and to Let me know you are there for the pig hunt so i can add you to the call!
    Skype Dacola101
    We hope to see you all there!

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    You’ve got my vote! I’ll be sure to attend you piggy feast!




    Sign me up XD



    The Results are in!

    Alleywig – 72Pts

    Nashuer 57Pts

    Hadskills 43.5Pts

    Seanboyy 41.5Pts

    The_Cave_Ninja 8.5

    We had a blast! hope some more of you join us next week!

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