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    A new park is in the making in the DarkLands. It is real close to the DL spawn area. Just a 10-second ride on the Guardian Temple rail. Well, I have come up on a small snag. I uncovered an off track that goes through the area for the park. I checked it out and it just connects one area to another so I will be putting a turn in the track and moving it over about 15 blocks. Will dig it out and make it look just like the rest of the track. I checked out the rest of the area real close by and it looks like that is the only thing that is in the way. It goes from a zombie spawner to what looks like, someone’s DL home. I will be digging and moving the track today. It should not be down more than 30 minutes when the track is moved in the new tunnel. I am sorry if it makes it an inconvenience for anyone during this time.

    Happy Building

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