Privacy Policy, Data collection & retention

What data do we store?

Your minecraft UUID and the data that is linked to it. Your Minecraft UUID is a unique identifier that remains unchanged so you can be identified by the game even if you change your username.

  • Everything that you enter through your keyboard while you are online while logged in on the website, in the game and any of the chat features (IRC, Discord etc). The server logs all chat text, private or public as well as any command that you type in.
  • Blocks broken or placed in most – but not all – worlds on the server
  • Login & logout information along with your IP address, be it in-game or on the website.
  • Actions on the website while you are logged in, be that which pages you visit, your actions on the lot manager, mails you send through the internal system etc.
  • Data that we receive from PayPal when you donate to the server
  • Everything that is needed to allow you to play in the game (Your inventory, your deposit, lot information etc.)

Other Data:

  • Browsing data on the website along with the IP Address for not logged-in users.

How long do we keep data?

  • Some of the data is kept forever, specially your email and UUID, but also things that you do in-game (except chat). This data is stored in the system’s “normal” databases but further data is stored in a log files & log databases which are not purged (until the space use is becoming excessive).
  • Some of the data we delete after 1 year, specially everything that is stored in log files (Chat logs for example). The last file that is kept on record might be older than one year though.
  • Block change logs are normally kept 90 days
  • However, while data might be purged from the live server, we keep backups of that data for one year. So while we delete it from the live system, the system backups are kept for 1 additional year.

What do we do with the data?

  • We use it for statistical reasons (you can see most of them on the website, e.g. voting statistics)
  • We use it to track down people using X-Ray, to find out who has several user profiles or otherwise violating rules.
  • We use it to debug problems (e.g. if buying something goes wrong and you need a refund)
  • We use it to show historical data (e.g. the past shopping history in the user profiles).
  • We might use it on occasion to restore the system (or parts of it) in case something breaks down.

What won’t we do with the data?

  • We won’t sell it or give it away to any third party
  • We won’t use it to sell you something