ATTENTION: I put significant time into running this server. This is why I have rules that will give you a general direction of what I expect from the people that I let on my server. If you violate these rules, chances are high that you will get banned. I am not willing to discuss bans. If I had to take the time to ban you in the first place, that was already enough trouble for me. Any additional trouble is not worth the effort. See this page for more info.

You should try to read all the pages on this site. While this one is the one with the dos and don’ts, there are other pages which tell you where to find stuff on the server and how things work. You do not have to read every last word before logging on. But before asking questions, please check the site first. Not reading the site and then asking about stuff in-game is a good way to make a very bad impression on everyone.

TLDR (To long, did not read)

  1. Do not annoy people, by what you ask, say, do or build
  2. Do not do things that change or give you an advantage in the game
  3. Do do circumvent a limiting mechanic (like headcount, lot limits) even if it seems easy to do
  4. Do not cause lag

Free Speech
Free Speech comic by XKCD
Building Guidelines

  1. Do not build any permanently running minecart or redstone systems (= those that are switching between on/off status continuously). Everything that is performing an action has to stop itself after a minute or so. Stuff that continues running slows down the server. Violating this is an instant ban. No action is allowed to start by itself through mob interaction or daylight when you are not there. All machines have to be in standstill when you are not around. Exceptions are doors that open when a mob steps on a pressure plate.
  2. Build something creative. If it’s not creative but useful, such as a huge box to spawn and trap mobs, build it underground, out of sight. That includes large high walls around your lot (read rule 4 as well regarding that). Make them either low or decorate them so they look nice.
  3. Do not touch lots where you don’t have permission, and do not grief in worlds without lots.
    Do not spill water, lava, don’t throw TNT, don’t push blocks with pistons.  In the Darklands and the Nether, do not take blocks from or damage any builds without permission.  You can mine the natural landscape freely, but other people’s placed blocks are off limits, no matter where you find them.  If you violate this rule, you will be found and banned.
  4. Do not block other people from crossing your lot. You do not need to give access to the inside of your buildings, but people should not have to walk around your lot to get to the other side of it.
  5. Do not build traps that kill or damage people crossing your lot. People should not be able to fall down and die or be unable to get out by accident.
  6. Do not make logos, pixel art, or block-writing. Do not write your name in large letters anywhere. This server is for construction, not graffiti. You can leave your name on signs next to your constructions if you wish.
  7. Do not assume that whatever you build is okay just because I do not come running after you immediately. Just because I am busy does not mean I have given you an exception.
  8. If you have to ask me if your construction is okay because it might violate the above rules, then do not do it. I will not come over with a measuring tape to check if your ugly, boring, vertical wall is 50 blocks wide or 55 blocks wide.
  9. Do not cause lag. Read the Lag page regarding this.
  10. Do not circumvent rules or game limitations. There are several things we limit in the game, such as deposit boxes, amount of lots, headcount per lot etc. However, there will be always some bugs, oversights or new game features that will allow to circumvent those limits. Do not exploit those. Instead submit a bug report that there is a way to circumvent the limits.

Other Rules

  1. Don’t be a Help Vampire. Also, learn how to ask questions.
  2. If I do you a favor, do not go around telling people about it. Just because I chose to help you with something doesn’t mean I will do that as a matter of course. Especially do not tell people that they should come to me and ask for the same. It is my choice to whom to do favors, not yours. A favor is an exception, not something you have a right to expect.
  3. No hacks, mods, cheats or bug exploits. Anything that makes the game easier is a no-go. Visual mods are fine, such as Optifine, Minimaps etc.
  4. Do not share your account with other people. Make sure nobody else has access to it. People online that claim that they are not the owner of the account will get the account banned. We want to avoid people excusing bad behavior with stuff like “My evil brother did it on my account”. You are held fully responsible for what happens with your account, no matter who sits in front of the computer, period.
  5. Do not ask for handouts or the /item command or generally to be able to spawn blocks. This should have been clear from our About page.
  6. Do not ask me to sell stuff to you. I only sell a few difficult-to-find items from the online shop at my sole discretion. (Type “/list uncovery” in-game to see what these are).
  7. Do not relogin repeatedly in quick succession. If you have problems with your connection, wait until it is fixed and then come back.
  8. Do not do anything offensive. This include racist, sexist, rude, annoying things in the form of construction, signs, skins or whatever possible. I will decide what falls into this category. A nazi skin for example will get you banned without any comments or warnings.
  9. Do not ask me for op. Do not ask if you can become a moderator, admin or have whatever other rights (see user levels page).
  10. Do not kill animals from pens of other users lots. You can take the one or other free roaming animal to keep you from starving. Do not abuse other lots as a farmground.

Behavior Rules

I had hoped that I would not have to spell out every behavior that is not wanted on this server. Unfortunately, I was proven wrong once again.

  1. Do not be aggressive in speech or action. I do not care how hard your life is, I did not make it hard. Do not unload your bad emotions on the server.
  2. Do not swear excessively. There are people of all ages here and still we expect everyone to be able to express themselves without expletives.
  3. No Spam, Warez, or unsafe links. This includes NSFW, NSFL, or links to sites that people regret visiting in its broadest sense. If unsure, don’t do it.
  4. No trolling or deception. This includs lying, claiming you know me personally, that you have mod rights, etc.
  5. No off-topic debates on the server. If you cannot agree with someone on religion, politics or whatever else subjective topic you better keep it for yourself or at least away from the game and website. Give the person your phone number and discuss properly or, if you have to, /msg each other.