User Levels and Commands

In order to attain a user level on this server, you must earn it. Guest and Settler levels are accomplished by merely following the directions in the access page. Citizen level is attained by users who have been on the server more than 60 hours. Architect and higher levels are earned by being recommended by other users on the basis of your participation, building skills, and general helpfulness. You can also earn higher ranks by participating in and winning contests. Do not ask to be promoted to a higher user level.

Level and Chat Color Description How to Earn
Guest (default) Gray Guests cannot build or do anything. Nearly all permissions are denied to guests, so do not be surprised if you cannot do something simple, such as eat food. You are free to walk around (or fly around in the creative worlds) to get an idea what this server is all about.

Command Description
/who [where]
Shows you who is online and the max no of users allowed. Add ‘where’ at the end to see the worlds users are in, too.
/info setpass This allows you to change your website password in-game in case you have trouble receiving emails.
/me Allows you emotes such as “/me is tired
/lot warp <lot> Warps you a lot for inspection before reserving it. Not available for levels above Guest.
/spawn Return to spawn, get out of a stuck situation
/kit starter You can spawn a wooden sword to get your bearings (only works in Empire world)
/kit minecart You can spawn a minecart to ride the many tracks on the server
/compass Show you which direction you are looking right now (S,E,W,N etc)
/suicide If you are lost, stuck or are feeling depressed, this is the method of last resort to start your life again in spawn. You however leave your inventory behind.
Get a home:
/homes buy <place>
Go to home:
/home <place>
You can set homes and buy additional homes for most worlds. Every additional home becomes more and more expensive. Please use the /homes command to see additional features. There is a max limit for no. of homes per user level. Please see the bottom of the page for details.
/warp [point] Instantly teleport to one of the server’s warp [point]s. Type /warp by itself to see a list of warp points. This only works when you are in the city
Successfully follow the whitelist instructions.
Settler Yellow Settler is the basic level which is actually permitted to build and given protected lots on this server. Settlers automatically also get additional commands so you can manage your lot. As a Settler, you can add people to your lot. These people are “members”. They cannot add others. You are the “owner”. If you add someone they can build on your lot as they wish and take things from chests. The lots are named “emp_a1” or “flat_a1” if it is A1. Use a wooden sword and right-click on your lot to find the name if you are not sure. If you stay away from the server for one month, your lots will reset.

/msg, /tell Send a message a user with /msg <user> <message>
/money Deal with the in-game currency. See Money & Trading for details.
/lot add [lot_id] member [member] Adds a member to your lot Example: Adding the user “uncovery” to your lot C15 in empire: /lot add emp_c15 member uncovery
/lot rem [lot_id] member [member] Removes a member from your lot
/lot <add/rem> [lot_id] snow Allows or denies snow to accumulate on the ground in snow biomes Donator only!
/lot <add/rem> [lot_id] ice Allows or denies ice to form on the water in snow biomes Donator only!
/headcount See how many animals there are in your lot and how much more you can breed. In worlds without lots this goes per chunk.
/mod banrequest <user> [reason] If some user is massively violating rules, you can request a ban with this command. An email with the latest logfile will be sent to an admin for action. Do not abuse this!
/skyblock Commands to manage your skyblock lot if you have one.
/kit skyblock Gives you a sapling for your skyblock lot. Works only once every 6 hours.
/ci Clears your inventory. Works only in flatlands.
/tps Tells you if the server is lagging. Should be 20.0, below 10 it’s an issue.
Succesfully apply for Building Rights
Citizen Cyan Those who are online on the server more than 60 hours will get this level automatically when logging in at the website. To know when you will be eligible, please check the last line of the “Server Status” block on the right bar of the website. It should say how many hours you have left to become citizen if you are settler. Citizens and above levels have access to the Aether and can claim a lot there and can use the following commands on top of the guest/settler commands.

/seen <username> Shows you when this user has been on the last time.
Be a online for more than 60 hours.
Architect Green Architects are rewarded for their long-time commitment to the server, for helping other people and for their great building skills. Architects can have 2 lots on the Empire or Flatlands maps, or one of each. Architects and all levels above can stay away from the server for 2 months until their lot is reset.

/tpa Asks others if they allow to teleport to them. They have to accept with /tpaccept.
Be recommended by higher ranks, or win a level up in a contest.
Designer Blue Designers have proven that they can do more than just win a contest. They contribute over a long time to the community of the server Designers can have overall 3 lots on the Empire and Flatlands maps.

/tp Teleport to people without needing their acceptance
Be recommended by higher ranks, or win a level up in a contest.
Master Red To become master, you need to show the maturity and responsibility to handle moderation commands. You have to take an active interest into the servers future and help improving it by reporting bugs and proposing improvements. Masters can have 4 lots for themselves. Masters also have the ability to send users to a Jail.Jails are to be used as an emergency measure if someone starts griefing and I am not online. That way further damage can be prevented.

/tpahere Teleport people to you if they accept with /tpaccept
/jails List all jails. There can be several, and there are names for them.
/mod mute <player> [time] Mute a player in chat for any of the following: 1h, 30m, 15m, 10m, 5m or 1m. If no time is given, 1h mute is used. The player is automatically un-muted after the time passed.
/mod unmute <player> Unmute a player in chat
/tjail <username> <jailname> [time] Sends a user (for an optional specified time) to the named jail. Repeating /tjail <username> frees the user immediately.

A jailed user cannot use /home or /spawn until freed. Removing a user from jail will try to teleport the user back to where he was jailed from. The time argument is optional, and will override any previous set time. [time] should given in “years(y) months(mo) weeks(w) days(d) hours(h) minutes(m) seconds(s}”. You may omit blank parameters. For example: “2d 5h 30m”. Using tjail on a jailed player without a jail will adjust jail time or remove the player from jail

Be recommended by higher ranks, or win a level up in a contest.
ElderGold Elders are a small group of people who prove through their dedication to the server, their maturity and the time they have been around that they deserve this title. As an Elder you represent the server like an ambassador. You are known to be levelheaded and to have a good sense of judgment. You won’t let your emotions come into the way when banning someone. Elders can be only elected if none of the existing elders objects to the candidate being an Elder. It takes quite something to become one, being one also means that you are ready to help the server wherever you can. The process of becoming an Elder has to be started through another Elder proposing a candidate.

/tptoggle This switches the possibility of others teleporting to an elder on & off.
/mod ban <player> <reason> Ban a player for a specified reason. Also sends an email with a logfile excerpt to Uncovery as documentation.
/irc mute <player> Mute a player in the IRC chat. This is not a timed mute, please unmute people later! Also this only prevents their chat from appearing in-game, they can still talk in IRC to other players.
/irc ban #uncovery <player> Ban a player from the IRC chat. Please report bans.
/irc reload Attempt to re-connect the IRC bot in case it’s disconnected from the #Uncovery channel. Use with care.
/lb <params> Lookup logblock logs with commands and parameters.

/lb tool
/lb toolblock
Spawns tools (make sure you have a free slot selected) that allows you to track griefing. To be used in conjunction with the log-block webpage.
Be nominated by an elder, have unanimous consent of existing Elders.

Lots & Homes Permitted by Level

Ranks Empire and Flatlands Aether Max Homes
Guest None None 1 home
Settler 1 lot None 6 homes
Citizen 1 lot 1 lot 8 homes
Architect 2 lots 1 lot 10 homes
Designer 3 lots 1 lot 15 homes
Master 4 lots 1 lot 20 homes
Elder 4 lots 2 lots 50 homes

If you donate to the server, you will keep your donator status for 1 month per 1 USD the server receives from you. Since Paypal takes a certain share of the money, you need to donate a bit more than 12 USD to make sure you get 12 months worth of donator level. Once you donate, you get the Donator (‘+’) level and the associated benefits. You can donate anytime again to extend your donator status. As a donator, you get the ability to disguise yourself as a mob. Depending on your user rank, you can choose from a larger list of mobs to disguise as:

Userlevel mobs
SettlerDonator pig, sheep, cow, chicken
CitizenDonator all above & skeleton, wolf, villager
ArchitectDonator all above & ocelot, irongolem, spider
DesignerDonator all above & zombie, silverfish
MasterDonator all above & enderman, cat
ElderDonator all above & creeper, cavespider, squid

You can use the following commands to use this feature:

  • /dis pig ; disguise as a pig, replace pig with the other mob types above
  • /undis; Turns you back into human form if disguised
  • /dis; Will give you a list of all valid mob types

Disguised users cannot pickup goods, are still vulnerable to mobs, show up on the maps but do not show their name above their head in-game.

Further, Donators from Architect and above level can prevent people to teleport to them by using the /tptoggle command.