First Aid

Help yourself & help the server!

While we offer a lot of help on this server, you also have to help yourself and at the same time do your job to make the server better. We have an owner and some elder players, but you can do already most of the work needed to fix the most common issues on the server. Instead of waiting for an admin to show up, please take the matter into your own hands, if you are a Settler or a Master level user!

  • I cannot login on the website!
    Try a “forgot password” request. You only need to know your username.
  • I did not get my registration email!
    Try to use the password reset function. If that does not help, you might have misspelled your email address in the form. You can also login to the server after registration and use the /info setpass command to get a password for the website. Try to make a report or send an email so I can delete your account. However, sometimes the emails get stuck on the way. If the mail takes longer than 2 hours to arrive, please email to Uncovery.
  • I was griefed, but I don’t know who did it!
    If you were griefed on your lot, then it can be only the people who you gave access. Talk to them and ask them. Then see point “Another user griefed me” below. If nobody has access but you, and stuff is missing, you probably forgot where you put it. Anyhow, I cannot reimburse you since I have no way of determining what you had before. If you were griefed somewhere else where you did not have protection, (nether, darklands etc), please submit a help ticket with the coordinates of the griefed blocks and a short description. If you get someone to admit to it however, also see “Another user griefed me” below.
  • My brother / classmate griefed me!
    If someone you know in real life griefed you, you need to decide if you want to settle the matter out-of-game or not. If you can agree with the person on a solution that you are both happy with, please do so. If you report this issue to an admin, in the end most likely someone will get banned – forever. That might be not very good if you sit next to each other in class. Also, the banned users lot will be reset and given away. If you built something together on his lot, it is gone. So try to settle things first out of game. If that fails, you can go to the next step here.
  • Another user griefed me!
    If someone griefed you, the first thing you need to do is get proof. Most of the time such proof is getting the griefer to admit to the griefing. There is no need for an admin or higher level user to be around. Take a screenshot of the user admitting in chat to have griefed, and send in a report with date/time/timezone. If it was on your lot, please make sure ASAP that the person does not have access anymore.
  • Someone is harassing me / swearing / spamming / abusing me in chat!
    First thing you should do is /ignore the user. That command makes him disappear from your chat window and you have peace. Then send in a report with time/date/timezone, and a screenshot of the chat if possible.
  • I got stuck in a hole on someone’s lot!
    Check your coordinates to find out where it is. Send in a report with the location so it can be fixed. Then use /suicide, /home or /spawn to get out. If you do not report this, it will never get fixed, and other users will have the same issue!
  • Some server function does not work!
    If you are sure you are using the correct command, and if you can reproduce the error, please send in a report
  • Something else happened that needs urgent attention!
    If you have the feeling something happened that needs immediate attention and cannot wait for a couple of hours, please post it here.

How do I send a report?

You have 2 options: you can send an email to Uncovery or post in the appropriate help forum and wait for an answer.