Vanity titles

ColorsYou can pay for a vanity title. The title will appear in white [ ] behind your name. The cost for the title depends on the length and the content:

  • Letters and numbers: 10 Uncs each
    Any letter or number is allowed.
  • Symbols: 30 Uncs each
    Allowed symbols are: – _ = ! @ # % | ; :
  • Colors: 50 Uncs each
    Colors are done with color codes: &1, &2, … &9, &a, &b, … &f. See the color table one the right for more info. No need for spaces after color codes, no need to close with a color code.

Those are added together and paid per day. All together, there can be a maximum of 20 elements in a title.

Type /vanity in-game to see all commands. It is highly recommended to use /vanity quote first to see how your title looks like and how much it will cost you. You can use /vanity cancel to remove a title, but only remaining full days are refunded. Expiry of titles is checked on each login.

Here is a list of all currently used titles:


1mrkittymix [Bloodrain]
2atomiccheezburg [I Rock]
3hubzy112 [Hubzy]
4whynot400 [whynotInc]
5dimesiespion [Anna]
6gseany [pee]
7reaperman0101 [shadowfall]
8ravenskysong [Lady]
9adamthebeast124 [Flippy]
10ms1234ftw [a]
11auriel_ [Lord Of Skarthorough]++
12skull_master45 [Existence]
13corey13003 [Revolution]
14superkrokodilen [SUPER]
15thetasigmaoe [Dr]
16precept [Precept]
17funny0guy101 [McLovin]