How to join

First, there are some things you need to know about this server. We want to make life on the server fun and avoid a situation where every 5 minutes another user pops in asking the same questions again and again. This is why we set up this website and the application process.

Before Whitelisting

  • You need to have some basic experience playing survival minecraft. We will not teach you in-game how to play this game or how to craft things.
  • We have a whitelist. Registering on this website will add you to the whitelist. You MUST register with the same username as your minecraft username.
  • Whitelisting takes only a second. The moment you register on this website, you can login to the server.
  • If you accidentally registered with the wrong username, you can simply delete the account on the server here and create a new one.

After Whitelisting

  • Once you registered, you are whitelisted and can connect to the server on the“.
  • When you are whitelisted, you will be “Guest” level, and you will not yet be allowed to build. You can look around, talk to the people on the server, and decide whether you want to stay here or not.
  • As a guest, you have certain commands that you can use. Please go to the user levels and commands page and read the commands that the “Guest” level has available.
  • You will spawn in the “City” world which is a creative mode world. All the best builds of the survival worlds are copied there as a showcase. You can use the /warp command to see those best builds.
  • After whitelisting, you will need to login and logout from the minecraft server once. Then you can then apply for the buildings rights by becoming a “Settler”. The application is processed automatically and you will be settler within seconds.

So, to get started, please answer some very short questions to get whitelisted and registered on this blog. You will then receive an email confirmation that tells you how to connect to the minecraft server.

Once you are whitelisted, you can apply for building rights by becoming a Settler!