In-Game Chat

We use HeroChat for our chat system. There are several in-game chat channels. Here are the commands to use them. Square brackets denote required parameters, while parentheses denote optional parameters. The [channel] parameter can be either a channel’s full name or nickname and is not case sensitive.

Command Description
/ch help (page) Displays a help menu listing a brief description of all the available commands.
/ch list List chat channels available to you.
/ch [channel] Switch to sending chats to this channel by default.
/ch join [channel] Join a channel you are not currently on.
/ch leave [channel] Leave a channel you are currently on.
/tell [player] Switch to sending messages only to the named player instead of a channel.
/tell Leave off the player to switch back to sending messages to a channel.
/irc msg [username] [message] Send a message to a user connected to IRC Chat

Available Channels:

  • Global (‘G’): The channel for everything & everyone, color: White
  • Regional (‘R’): Can be read only by people less than 128 blocks away; color: Dark Aqua
  • Architects (‘A’): Can be joined/read only by Architects and above; color: Green
  • Master (‘M’): Can be joined/read only by Masters and above; color: Rose
  • Designer (‘D’): Can be joined/read only by Designers and above; color: Blue
  • Elder (‘E’): Can be joined/read only by Elders; color: Gold
  • Trading (‘T’): For trading requests & offers; color: Aqua
  • Off Topic (‘O’): For all non-minecraft chat; color: Yellow
  • Hunger (‘H’): For chat during hunger games. Works only in the hunger game world; color: Aqua
  • Announcements (‘U’): For all server announcements. You cannot leave or talk here. Only admin stuff that everyone has to know.
  • Notifications (‘N’): For less critical server announcements. You can leave this channel, but you cannot talk in this channel. Color: Yellow

When you see people chat in-game, you will see something like this:

 Daiyamondo++ (empire): Hi.

Each part tells you something:

  • Daiyamondo The color of this user’s name tells you their user level (see below).
  • +– The presence of + after a user’s name tells you they have donated money to the server.
  • (empire) The name of the world where this player is currently located, in this case, Empire.
  • Hi. Daiyamondo is saying “Hi.” to someone. Perhaps it’s you! You can also the white color of the “Hi” which tells you it’s in the general channel.

User Ranks and Chat Colors

Rank Color
Guest Gray
Settler Yellow
Citizen Cyan
Architect Green
Designer Blue
Master Red
Elder Gold
Owner (uncovery) Dark Red