Suggested Code of Conduct

A group of higher ranked users have come up with the following suggestions for interacting with other players. It would be great for everyone, regardless of rank, to take heed of these suggestions. However, for higher ranks, we recommend this even more strongly, and we might even go so far as to call this a “code of conduct” for the higher ranks, who have a responsibility to act fairly when representing the server.

The items listed up here are not rules. You won’t get banned for not being welcoming to other players for example (see 1st point). The things that will get you banned are listed on the Rules page.

  1. Be welcoming to new players, including guests. Attempt to get involved and help them in meaningful ways. Drop off some food or starter mats for people who have just gotten a lot.
  2. Recognize positive behavior, especially good builds. Drop by and offer your compliments if they are due. Offer constructive suggestions if asked.
  3. When you see someone breaking some behavior rules, such as spamming, cursing, or using caps in chat, please politely correct them in private via /msg. Nobody likes to be called out in public.
  4. For people who have a tendency to ask lots of questions, politely redirect them to the website rather than using the /website command or simply saying “website.” If applicable, give them a general idea of where to look, such as the name of the menu item.
  5. If you feel you must answer (or ask!) a question that is on the website or the minecraft wiki, provide an answer via /msg, or ask someone you know via /msg, rather than in global chat. We do not wish to encourage asking these questions in global, as this can send inconsistent messages to new players about allowed behavior.
  6. For clear or persistent rules violations, use your judgment. Masters and Elders, provide a clear warning via private /msg if it is warranted. When necessary, mute or ban appropriately, and without drama. For other ranks, please report rules violations via /ticket, rather than any kind of public forum post. Public announcements of rules violations tend to have a negative effect on our community. Tickets are confidential between the submitter and admins.

Contributors to the discussion leading to this policy were enkl0001, silver82, kidcodiwise, Maerdis, Xecaria, underbridge, Narraeson, riedi73 and azkedar.