Features & Plugins

The server is frequently updated with the latest versions of our plugins and add-ons, and other functions have been programmed specifically for this server. For example, our 2D maps, our in-game shops and deposits, our story system, and the registration processes.


  • Communication: See how you can communicate on and with the server
  • Contests & Games: Win prizes, have fun!
  • Money & Trading: Explore our vast and detailed ways to make & spend money!
  • Stories – A unique feature of Uncovery Minecraft, our story system allows you to compose connected story arcs using our story admin system on the web, and then read and participate in these interactive stories in the game!
  • MinecartsWe allow certain automation on minecarts with Minecart Mania
  • Karma: Show users what you think about them!
  • Vote for users: Vote on user promotions