Featured Builds

The here featured builds are 99% done in survival mode. You can find all of them in the city world. Please use the /warp command to get to them.

Town houses

The town houses were mostly made in a contest which has attracted many fine builders. 14 different builds with more than 40 individual houses form a street near the sky scrapers. One of the most intricate builds on the server!

Sky scrapers

The sky scrapers are a mix of contest entries and other builds with many functional buildings, hidden rooms and amazing architecture to discover!

More details: The office complex

The Spawn & University

The Spawn area features some buildings that are instructional and others purely decorative. The university next to it has several buildings that show how to use redstone, minecarts and other features of the game. Always worth a visit!

The Oil Rig

The oil rig is one of the few creative mode builds in the city. It was build by uncovery and some elders and has many intricate details & new design ideas.


There are many ships to be found in the waters of Uncovery City. Most come from a contest, others were added later.

Noble Houses

The noble houses are from the contest with the most entries so far. A rich suburban neighborhood that has many details to discover!

Tree Houses

The Tree houses are from another contest and feature several huge builds, a walking ent and many hidden things to discover


Egypt is the result of one of our first contests. There is a underground labyrinth below the smaller pyramid and hidden treasures in the large one.


Japan’s building were made independently from each other by various users.


Rome was not built in a day, but rather over a period of about 7 months by a collaboration of users working in the Kingdom world. The city features over 100 distinct structures, from the mighty Colosseum to humble shacks, cozy gardens, and everything in between.