You can get help in the following ways:

  • Read the website – almost everything that was ever asked is addressed on the website!
  • If you can connect to the server, ask someone in-game.
  • If you cannot connect to the server, connect to the IRC Chat. It allows you to chat with people on the server without being in minecraft itself.
  • Post your question in the forum
  • Post a comment on the blog
  • Send an email to Uncovery through the game-mail system.

You can help the server in the following ways:

  • Help others when they ask questions
  • In order to participate, we can need almost any skill. Most wanted are people who are
    • good at graphics or video to provide marketing materials for the server such as intro videos, banners, a logo etc. Also high in demand are people who
    • know how to program Java (=Minecraft plugins) and
    • PHP (=Website addons).
    • Organizational skills are also wanted, for example to host games, get people to do group builds, create clans etc.
    • Anything else you want to contribute. Almost anything can be helpful, say what you think you are good at and I will find work for you :)