In-Game commands help

This page lists the complete help functions for all in-game systems.
Plugin / CommandDescription
Virtual Shop: You can post an offer or a request, and then other users can buy from or sell to you, respectively.
/list {ro} [user] [page][user] is optional, assumes yourself if not given. * Examples:/list req => Show your own (req)uests./list o uncovery => Show uncovery's (o)ffers.
/cancel {ro} <shop-id> [amount]Use /list to find the <shop-id> firstAttempts to cancel entire amount if [amount] not given. * Examples:/cancel r 1342 => Cancel entire amount of (r)equest id 1342./cancel 7232 100 => Cancel 100 of (offer) 7232.
/find {ro} [item]Searches requests -or- offers. Accepts only ids or names.
Use /search if you do not know the proper term./find => Find by what you are holding in your hand/find {ro} [item-id] => Find by item-id (see minecraft wiki)/find {ro} [item-name] => Find by name/find {ro} >[price] => Find items priced over [price]/find {ro} <[price] => Find items prices under [price]/find {ro} ench => Find all enchanted items/find {ro} ench:name => Find all items with named enchantment/find {ro} new => Find most recent requests/offers * Examples:/find request new => Find most recent requests./find off diamond => Find listings offering diamond./find goldhat ench => Find offers for enchanted goldhats./find ench:loot => Find offers for any items with Looting.
/offer [price] [amount]/offer => Search your inventory for the item currently
in your hand, and sell all of them at existing price/offer [price] => As above, but specify a price./offer [price] [amount] => Sell only [amount] in the shop./offer … silent … => Putting "silent" anywhere will silence announcements.Example: /offer 25 10 silent
/depotoffer [deposit-id] [price] [amount]/depotoffer [deposit-id] => Get items from your deposit by ID
in and sell all of them at existing price/depotoffer [deposit-id] [price] => As above, but specify a price./depotoffer [deposit-id] [price] [amount] => Sell only [amount] in the shop./depotoffer … silent … => Putting "silent" anywhere will silence announcements.Example: /depotoffer 40441 25 10 silent
/buy <shop-id> [amount]Use /find to find the <shop-id> first (NOT the Item ID)The <shop-id> is the offer number in the shop listingIf [amount] is not given, attempts to buy all.
/depotbuy <shop-id> [amount]Use /find to find the <shop-id> first (NOT the Item ID)The <shop-id> is the offer number in the shop listingIf [amount] is not given, attempts to buy all.
/request <item> <price> <amount> <item>You must specify the item and specify the price, and the amount.PRICE comes before AMOUNT! :)Your funds will be deducted immediately, you can /cancel yourrequest to retrieve those funds before the request is fulfilled.The item can be either numeric (id:type) or text
/sell <shop-id> [amount]You must be holding some of the item in your hand.If [amount] is not given, attempts to fulfill as much as possiblefrom what you have in your current inventory.Use /find r new, for example, to find shop-ids of requests.
/depotsell <shop-id> <deposit-id> [amount]You must have the same item in your deposit as the requestIf [amount] is not given, attempts to fulfill as much as possiblefrom what you have in the deposit.Use /find r new, for example, to find shop-ids of requests.
/search <term> [page]Use the results shown with other commands, such as /find* Example:/search ore => Find item names containing the word "ore"/search pot 2 => Returns page 2 of large subset results ie potions
Moderator Commands: Only Masters and Elders can execute most these.
/mod whatsit <message>Get details on the item in hand
Lot Management: Allow others to build on your lot, en/disable snow accumulation, ice formation;
/lot manage <lot>This will display an in-game menu for your lot for easier management. If you do not give a lot argument, it will use your current lot.
/lot add <lot> <member|snow|ice> [user] [user2]...Add a member so thet they can build on your lot or add snow accumulation or ice forming. You can list several users, separated with spaces.
The added user needs to own a lot as well. See FAQ #32 for info.
/lot rem <lot> <member|snow|ice> [user] [user2]...You can remove users or flags from your lot or remove snow accumulation or ice forming. You can list several users, separated with spaces.
/lot warp <lot>Teleport yourself to a lot – only usable by guests for the settler test
/lot resetflags <lot>This will reset all flags on your lot. It will also remove all snowfall and iceform flgs. Use this in case people cannot use your doors and buttons.
User mail system: Internal email system. Will send messages to users. You can have one draft email to work on.
/mail new <recipient> <title>Creates a new message to a user.
/mail text <message>Add text to the current draft. Existing messages will be appended to.
/mail send Send an email created with /mail new
/mail read <message id>Read an email in your inbox. If there is no message ID given, it will read the next unread message.
/mail delete <message id|all> Delete an email from your mailbox. Use /mail delete all to erase all messages.
/mail draft Shows the current drafted email
/mail list [inbox|outbox|trash]Show all your mail, or by folder (inbox, outbox, trash)
/ticket This will start a normal email, but you do not have to add a recipient. It will be automatically to Uncovery
Hunger games: In these games you are warped to a mint world, reduced in size without any tools. Mine, craft, build & survive!
/hunger start Only the person who started it can start it.
/hunger stop Only the person who announced it can stop it. It will kill all users in the hunger world. This can be used to abort a game if the hunger game appears to be stuck, or if everyone in a game has left the server.
/hunger status [game-id]Show the status of the current hunger game, or of [game-id].
/hunger check Check if the hunger game should have ended, but did not
For example, if people log out without leaving hunger.
/hunger trophy [game-id] [player]Allows you to obtain, as a trophy, the head of any opponent you defeated in hunger
Under These Conditions:
1. You must have WON the game with [game-id]
2. You may only claim 1 HEAD per game.
3. You may claim the head of any player who lost that game, regardless of whether you personally killed them or not.
4. Claiming a head Costs 1000 Uncs.
5. You may only claim a head within 24 hours of your victory.
6. You must be in a survival world and have an empty hand to receive your trophy.
Virtual Deposit Boxes: Your deposit allows you to receive goods in a virtual space, which can be withdrawn at any time in any survival world.
/depotlist /depotlist => Show items you deposited or received
/depositall [user]/deposit => Search your inventory and deposit as much as will fit.
/deposit [user] => Send all of the items to [user]
/deposit [user] [amount]/deposit => Search your inventory for the item currenty
in your hand, and deposit all of them
/deposit [user] => Send all of the item to [user]
/deposit [user] [amount] => Send only [amount] to [user]
/withdraw <shop-id> [amount]Use /depotlist to find the <shop-id> first
/withdraw <shop-id> => Withdraw the items held in <shop-id>
/withdraw <shop-id> [amount] => Withdraw only [amount]
/withdraw all => Withdraw everyhing from your deposit
/withdraw @<sender> => Withdraw all items from <sender>
Example: /withdraw @lottery
/depositbox consolidate /consolidate => Combine deposit boxes with the same content
but different senders.
/depositbox check Displays detailed output relating to depositbox pricing, currently owned box counts and maximum ownable box counts.
/depositbox buy Purchase a deposit box that is used to virtually store goods.
Trivia Quiz: User can answer for a small pay and get the jackpot if they win
/trivia new <questions> <price>Chose number of questions and price of answers!
/trivia find The master can use this to see a new quiz question
/trivia ask The master can use this to ask the last question he found with /trivia find
/trivia check Displays all current answers to pick a correct one
/trivia solve Picks one answer as the correct one and gives out the prize
/trivia skip In case there are no or no correct answers, this moves to the next question.
/trivia answer <answer>Answer a question asked by the quizmaster
Home Manager: This command allows you to warp to pre-defined locations (homes). It also allows you to buy additional homes locations, depending on your userlevel. Home prices increase with each additional home. We use the formula: cost = (no_of_homes ^ 3) x 10.
/home <home name>Warps you to your home. If you have several homes, add the name of it.
/homes buy <home name>This will buy you 1 additional home slot.
/homes update <home name> [new name]This will update the position of an existing home. Alternatively to /homes update <name> you can also use /sethome <name>. You can rename the home at the same time by optionally adding a new name after the current name.
/homes rename <home name> <new name>This will change the name of an existing home.
/homes list [world]This will list all of your homes. Optionally add a world name to filter
/homes check This will return the cost of your next home you can purchase along with your current maximum number of homes.
User Karma: Karma is a way to reward users that have done good for the community. You can give +1, 0 or -1 karma to a user. You can change your opinion anytime.
/karma + <user>You cannot give more than 1 karma. User keeps your karma until you give -1 or 0.
/karma - <user>You cannot give more than -1 karma. The user Keeps that -1 karma until you give +1 or 0.
/karma 0 <user>This resets the karma given to ther user from you to 0
/karma get [user]Omitting [user] shows your karma. Otherwise the karma of the user given.
/karma top This omits banned users.
/karma bottom This omits banned users.
Build on a skyblock: Once you reserved a skyblock lot on the website, you can use these commands to wapr there and to abandon it.
/skyblock warp <lot name>See the 2D map to find the lot name you want to teleport to. Exmaple: block_k11
/skyblock abandon <lot name>Use the name of your lot to abandon your skyblock lot. You will only be able to register another one after the next reboot!
Information Commands: Gives you information about the game and other users.
/who [where/player]Shows you who is online. Use as /mod who or /who. Add 'where' to show world users are in
/whereami Shows you where you are
/info setpass In case you have trouble getting your website password, you can set a new password with this command. It will return a URL that allows you to enter a new password.
Vanity Titles: You get a vanity title for some time. Prices is determined by the amount of letters, colors and punctuation. Offensive titles are bannable!
/vanity set <days> <text>You get a vanity title for a number of days. use /vanity quote to find out the price. Offensive titles are bannable!
/vanity quote <days> <text>Tells you how much a vanity title will cost for x days and shows you how it will look like. Offensive titles are bannable!
/vanity check Tells you when your current title will expire (in days)
/vanity cancel This will cancel your current title and refund any leftover cash. The first day is never refunded.
Hardcore Gameplay: Hardcore gameplay allows you to survive in a world until you die or it resets.
/hardcore start This will teleport you into the hardcore world.
/hardcore exit This will teleport you out of the hardcore world.
/hardcore commit This will take the current block away from you and register it's value as a score for your current game.
/hardcore score This will give you the score of the current game.
Voting Lottery: You can vote for the lottery and win 100 Uncs + a random prize. See for detailss
/vote Shows a list of all active test-URLs for easier click & vote
/lottery report Display information about times since last votes.
Disguise Plugin: This plugin allows you to disguise yourself as a mob/animal. Depending on the userlevel, the disguises will vary.
/undisguise Removes a disguise from you.
/disguiselist [full]Shows what disguises are possible. If you add 'full', it will show all disguises for all userlevels.
Website: Allows you to read posts, comments, forum contents and write them as well.
/web read <post id>Allows you to read any post, comment or forum post on the website.
/web list <type>Lists recent posts from the website with an ID so you can read them in-game. Types can be [p]osts, [c]omments of [c]orum
Money: See how much money you have, give some to other people etc.
/money status This command shows you how much money you have in your account. You can as well user the command /uncs
/money give <target> <Uncs>Deduct money from your account and give it to someone else.
Bottle XP: Tranfer XP from your user into bottles. The bottles are placed into your inventory.
/bottlexp Bottles all current XP at the rate of 10 xp per bottle. There is a natural variance of XP from -70% to +10%.
Adventure Stories: Stories can be created by all users on the website. If you find a sign with /story <code> you can type that command and see that story.;
/story show <story code>Stories can be created by all users on the website. If you find a sign with /story <code> you can type that command and see that story.