Hunger Game

The Hunger game is a competitive PVP game in a closed environment. You need at least 2 people to play.

For detailed commands, just type:


How does it work?

  • Find 1 or more other players to compete against.
  • One person will announce the game with /hunger announce. This generates a new, random world for the game. This does generate some lag, for this reason hunger announcements must be at least 15 minutes apart. Note that the time while a game is in progress counts towards this 15 minutes.
  • The announcer must wait for people to join the game with /hunger join.
  • People who join have 60 seconds to /warp hunger to enter the hunger world.
  • People have to be in the hunger world for at least 10 seconds before the game starts to be accepted.
  • Before the game starts, people cannot build, mine or hurt each other. They are also safe from monsters. The player who announces the game can let everyone run and hide before the game starts.
  • The player who announced the game starts it with /hunger start.
  • The world size adjusts so that there is 100×100 blocks per user. If people ran out over the border before the game starts, they will be pushed back.
  • The last player in the game is declared winner.
  • If you are ever stuck in the hunger world, type /suicide to return.
  • If a game is ever stuck in progress with no online players, anyone can do /hunger stop to end that game.

Whats different?

  • The hunger world is a separate world with a fixed border
  • The world is regenerated with a random seed for every game. It is never the same.
  • Users have a different inventory in the hunger world. Whatever you have in the empire will be gone while in the hunger game. This also includes XP, hunger meter, and any status effects. To make sure everyone has equal chances, everyone starts with an empty inventory.
  • You can only leave the hunger world by dying and therefore leaving your inventory behind.
  • All users have PVP enabled
  • Creepers explode and damage players & blocks
  • TNT is enabled
  • Fire spread is enabled.
  • There are absolutely no commands available in the hunger map. No /spawn, no /home or whatever else. The only exception is /suicide and chat commands.
  • You can use a /kit hunger to get a dirtblock and a sapling in case you spawn in a desert or ocean.
  • There is a special hunger channel, which you can join with /ch join h which you can only use in the hunger world for communicating with other hunger participants.

The rules

  • People are expected to wait near the game master until all players are in game and given the signal to start
  • If you die, by whatever reason, you are out. The game teleports you back to spawn. You are not allowed to be teleported back into the game.
  • Do whatever you can to survive the longest. Mining, hunting, killing other people, making traps – you name it.
  • You can form alliances during the game with others. Remember however that only one can win.
  • You are not even allowed to use F3 to see player or mob IDs
  • You can play for money, in-game items or whatever. The winner takes it all.

Game modes & ideas

You can setup your own rules and agree with the other players on them. Possible game modes are:

  • Double Team: You and your partner against the environment for a given time. Try to survive for x minutes. BOTH must survive.
  • King of the Hill: Build a small fort together in the middle. Put all your that you gathered until then inside. Leave and rejoin the game so your inventory is empty. Then move to the 4 corners. Fight for the goodies in the fort.
  • Fort Mania: One person/team stays on one spot and builds a fort and the others are attacking after preparing in the distance.
  • Owner-modes: I can make it night all the time, shrink the available map for additional fun etc.

Trophy Heads

You can claim a head as a trophy from one of your vanquished foes when you win a hunger game! See /helpme hunger trophy for help on using this feature. Some restrictions:

  • Heads cost 1000 Uncs to claim.
  • You must be the winner of a hunger game.
  • Your victory must be less than 24 hours ago.
  • You can only claim 1 head per game.
  • You cannot claim your own head.
  • It does not matter if you killed the victim personally. You may claim the head of anyone who lost a hunger game which you won.
  • Once placed, the heads can be picked up, sort of: they do not drop. They are teleported instantly into an empty slot in your inventory. If you do not have an empty slot in your inventory when you break one, it will be gone for good.
  • They also cannot be sold in shop or moved in deposit. The latter will result in only a regular steve head on the other end.