Vote for users

Welcome to the user promotions page. Here you can propose users for promotions and vote for proposed users. There are some rules to this:

  • Any and all asking for proposals/promotions is off-limits. Repeated offending will be banned.
  • You need to be Citizen or higher to be proposed. You need to be Designer or higher and 2 levels above users to propose them. Exceptions are Elders.
  • Elders are expected not to abstain from Elder proposals.
  • All votes are secret. Nobody can see how many votes someone got and you can see only who is proposed if you can also vote on them.
  • If a Architect votes on someone, it’s +1 vote. A Designer can give +3 votes, the Masters +6, and Elders +10. Donator status does not influence votes. A down-vote will give negative points.
  • A proposal succeeds if it reaches enough points or fails if it reaches the same amount in negative points. It also fails if it does not succeed within 2 months.
  • If a proposal succeeded or failed, the proposed user cannot be proposed again for some time. The gaps are: 2 months after Architect, 4 months after Designer, 12 months after Master promotions.
  • Required amount of votes to succeed are calculated based on the number of active Elders multiplied by their votes power (10). To promote someone to Elder, 100% of those votes are needed (if we have 10 Elders, 100 points). For lower levels less points are needed: for Master 70%, Designer 40% and Architect 30%.
  • You need to give a 100-word reason why someone should be promoted. While your name as a proposer will be secret, everyone will see that reason.
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Short FAQ

  • Should a vote be failed if x number of Elders veto it?
    No. A promotion from Citizen to Architect is a big thing for the users, but not as important as a promotion to Elder. If a user get’s enough votes to be promoted to Designer, and some Elders do not like it, they will have to live with that. That’s why the Elder vote becomes more important towards the higher rank. There, a Elder veto will be more powerful, namely at the promotion to Elder, where any veto of an Elder will effectively fail the proposal.
  • When do promotions get processed?
    A proposal closes automatically once it has enough votes. That triggers an email to me and I will process the vote. Once I do that, all closed votes will be set as successful or failed, the promotions done and the software automatically posts to the blog with a list of the promotions. This is to ensure that the system works properly and that we do not have several announcements a day.
  • What happens if we get more Elders?
    Once we get more Elders, all proposals that are not closed yet will need more votes. Since there will be a new Elder to vote on issues with a higher power, there is some balancing effect. Already closed votes will be counted as successful at that moment.
  • If a Elder proposal was down-voted by an Elder, shouldn’t we close the vote immediately?
    No. If we close the vote immediately, we cancel out the option that an elder might change their view. Further, we would give that proposed user an expedited option to be proposed again. So even if there is a significant amount of Elders countering a proposal, it will stay up until is expires.