We have our own discord server. Discord is a free, very versatile Voice and Text chat. Discord works via web or app. You can join it but you cannot chat there until you connected your in-game ID to your discord ID. You can use the Discord server only once you are Settler in the game.

Step 1: Get an account at https://discordapp.com/ and either log in via their eb interface or download their app for Windoes/iPhone/Android/hatever

Step 2: In order to join the discord server, you first have to get the invite. Use the command


to get the invite link. Click on the link and login to Discord. If you don’t have a Discord username, please register with Discord.

Step 3: Once you are connected to the server, please go back in-game and use the command

/discord link

That should give you a 4-digit number. Please go back to the Discord app/website and click on the “Server Bot” on the right edge of the window. This will show the following screen:

Click into the “Message @Server Bot” box and type in the 4 digits that you received in-game. The server should then give you a message if the process was successful. If you have any troubles, you can re-try by using the command

/discord unlink

and then restarting with step 2 again.

Step 4: Wait a bit. After latest 5 minutes, the server should upgrade you to your current user level and give you the rights to chat in your respective channels. You will know this has worked once your username has a “role” assigned when you click on it:

That role should be the same as your user level in-game.

If anything does not work, please let me know by submitting a ticket.