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1.14.2 experience

Together with my wife, we spent quite a time studying 1.14.2 version on local server. The overall impression is rather positive: game mechanics became less tedious.

Villagers. The villagers/villages mechanics has been significantly changed. Creating "custom", entirely players-made village, with villagers of required professions, is now much simpler. Since jobs can be assigned just by placing proper tool (composter, lectern etc) , customizing villages was never simpler.

The only challenge is still acquiring villagers. Catching and curing zombie villagers is relatively simple, but tedious, and one should rely on luck. Less tedious solution is to build nether path between two portals (on in existing village, to lure/push a villager into nether; another in new village's location). Either way, capability of assigning proper jobs is extremely useful.

Wandering traders. They can be a nuisance. They are hard to get rid of. However, now and then a trader comes that sells nautilus shells (getting them by fishing can be extremely boring).

Conduits (since 1.13). The only problem with getting many conduits is the buried treasure map bug: all the maps found  in the vicinity  of a buried treasure will only show its location. One should travel 400+ blocks away to find a map pointing at a different buried treasure.

With a conduit, defeating an ocean monument is a piece of cake. I managed to do that single-handedly (i.e., defeating the elder guardians, to get rid of that mining fatigue), without dying a single time.

Illagers. A nuisance. However, their outposts is a good source of experience. Just don't forget to drink a bucket of milk after defeating their captain: entering into a useful village with "Bad omen" is a bad idea. Even "Hero of the village" status isn't worth, in fact, the possible damages.

Many utility blocks, such as campfire - very useful in vanilla survival; of little use on Uncovery.

Possibility to remove enchantments with grindstone is very useful. You can get a blank book get, if you choose to wipe a junk spell from it. Same for other tools: removing enchantments may be very convenient and resources-saving.

So, I am eager to see 1.14 coming to Uncovery...

Sounds great!

We will have 1.14.3 released soon as well I assume. 1.14.2 is still very buggy.

Once that is out, we need to wait a bit longer until spigot is reaching the same level.

In the meantime, I have updated some plugins to the latest versions. Let's hope the releases for spigot come soon!