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1.16 Nether Floo-Network (portals to DL)

Hello friends!

For the 1.16 update, I plan to rebuild the Nether to DL Floo-Network. This is not a Nether-Spawn build... It is at 0,0 because that's where the portals need to be centralized, but it is at the top of the nether and out of everyones way.

If you would like to help, there are a few jobs you could pick from. I would like to keep the same Harry Potter Floo-Network theme. This is all built at the top of the nether, I realize this means you can't /sethome at the portals.... I want to keep it that way.

Please don't build the portals without knowing the exact x,y,z for it. If portals are placed off they could spawn one in the DL that recks a build. I have all locations saved, just ask if you want to help with this part :)

Jobs to be done:

  • Everything is built at the very top of the nether. Bedrock being the ceiling.
  • Clear the Great Hall area (about 40x40 blocks with 0,0 at the center.
  • Four hallways (7 wide 5 tall / 700 blocks long)
  • Snape's classroom and office (be creative)
  • Enchanting area (be creative)
  • Other common areas you might want to add (keeping with the Hogwarts theme)
  • Portal Hall branches, coming off of the main hallways. (this is very specific, please ask for locations).


I'm looking forward to the new Nether!  :)   Let me know if you want to help with this project.

Happy crafting!

Uploaded files:
  • 2020-06-17_19.07.11.png


Using green/purple wood would give it a 16.1 touch ;p

Sounds fun, maybe in a common room?

It took a long time to gather all that Glazed-Terracotta and Red-Nether-Brick, I'm not sure green/purple would match the red/black/gray.

There's basalt and dark stone too, that can be mined pretty fast.. but I agree that the glazed terracotta floor in the main hall is great and should not be discarded ;p

Love to help!

I'm in for sure!

How about themed colors for the different corridors?

We could also build a fireplace look around the portals for the floo-look?

Looking forward to this!

Well, it would be fun to assist.