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Alley's Wizard Fortress

My empire project has been a culmination of 6 years of very lazy building. I'm still in progress with it (designs have been lost through a couple hard drive disasters) but I saw a screenshot and felt I might as well post it and keep this thread up to date with progress. I am so very close to completion and that prospect - along with these posts- will spur me to finally say that I am "finished" with it and move onto the Kingdom and Heaven's Reach.

Also to those who are unaware: I have an original uncovery-exclusive minigame in my cave and if you beat me you win a beacon. I also have made several other carnival-style games, so I'm not opposed to a commission.

Best shot of my cave thus far:




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That's an awesome place.. everybody should pay a visit ;p

This is probably one of the coolest empire lots. The dragon is amazing.