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Goodbye Friends


Yes. You have read correctly. I am far too busy to play at all anymore. Minecraft also, does not have the same feeling it used too. I would like to thank personally these people- I APPRECIATE EVERYONE NOT LISTED TOO! First, Hydroflame62 for being my BFFL on this server from day one. Second, Tar Bender.... you are like a mentor to me. Thanks for telling me stories and keeping me from doing dumb things :) Thank you Unc for putting so much time into this server and for making it feel like a second home. Thank you Henmeister for introducing me to the server. Thank you Kennykenz366 for making my house look like squidwards house and for being a great friend. Thanks Pinebenj for making me believe I can be a good builder ;) Thanks kidcodiwise for always being kind and friendly to me. If I missed you I AM DEEPLY SORRY <3

Lastly, I would like someone to take control of my account and either log on once a month or build on it as your own. There are a couple people who I trust deeply and I think can handle the job. Please comment below if you are willing.


Signing Off- Thegypsyminer

Sleepy I got on yesterday because I had 2 hours of free time. I wont be on till late summer. That seems like a good bye to me. :)

Thanks Will! I will definitely stay in touch. Thanks for always being so nice. I think this this decision is inevitable and must go through.Sleeping will be voting for me so my account will still be active.


Hey Gypsy, I understand your position but I will keep the hope that eventually your life circumstances return to normal. I will miss you in the meantime. I am happy to be ward of your estate in the interim and will even vote for the server on your behalf to keep your income accumulating, but I need your consent for that.

Your friend, Owl

Owl! First I am so sorry for forgetting you! You should have been in the list of people, sorry I rushed to post it. Second, I think it would be so nice of you to vote for me. Lastly, I think we should talk to Unc about you taking care of my estate during my interim. You do have my permission to vote for me.Do you think you could try to talk to Unc because I really cannot get on the server. Thank you for being a mentor to me and always being so kind.

what a sad thing to behold! alas, i will miss you muchly gypsy, and i hope you can find the time to come visit us again soon! :')
youll be in my prayers!! ^_^

So , its time we part ways eh? Well , I hate to say it , but goodbye. We will all miss you. You have been a great friend , and sadly enough , I may be the last miner on the server :)

Take care pal , you are always welcome back if youever have the urge to see us! We wont reject you! :D

- I am able to take care of your account , but make sureI am your last option I dont trust myself with it :/
-From one miner to another

Thanks miner! I guess you will be the last miner...but please remember who was first ;) Thanks for offering to take care of my account! I will choose who will once everyone responds :) Thanks for always being so kind.

It's been a pleasure, sir! Sad to see you go! I wish you the best of luck on your next venture.
P.S. You may want to see with Unc about someone else logging in for you since you publicly announced it because it may be technically account sharing.


You could just take a break from minecraft for a few months or so and just sign in every month to save your account. I have seen several people do that then come back when ready with new builds to build. You have been on Uncovery for over 640 days. that is a long time to just give up your account. You have good rank also. It would be a shame to see you go.

If you are serious about leaving then instead of letting someone having your account you might see if you can give your lot to someone.

Summer is coming soon anyway.

Yeah thanks guys! My computer has also recently been having problems so getting on is really tough. Kid if I never go on that account again is that really account sharing? Vixen it is just so hard to try to save it every month...I'm afraid I might forget. If anyone wants my lots let me know.

Wow Gypsy. I hope all is ok. I will miss seeing you around. I hope you follow the advice of Vixen though. You never know when the bug might hit and you feel like building with us again.

Hope this really isnt the end.

Are you sure about this? You've been a long time player on Uncovery and are well respected in the community. I completely understand your situation, but look at what you would give up! A great community, hours of work, friends! Anyways, if you are sure then I hope you could stay up to date with events and such if you ever to decide to return. It'll be sad to see you go gypsy!

Hope to see you again. Peace and good living.

I don't believe that him voting for your account will keep your lots active on Uncovery. :/ He was just saying that he'll do that to keep the money flowing.

Also, I think the MineChat app for iPhones counts as logging in, correct? That may be useful if you ever have the time on your phone.

Thanks I will try to use Mine hat on my iPhone! Good idea Will. :)

Hey man, gonna miss you. When summer comes we can start back up together lol. You're welcome for the house ;P

Kenny I am really going to miss you buddy. We should do a build together this summer! I plan to buy a good computer and I will have a lot of time to be on the server! Thanks for always being such a great friend. :)