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Unc, feel free to take this down if you want, I get it. Not recruiting for another server or anything, just want some quick help from ther best builders in the game in my opinion.

My step daughter's birthday is this month. and in an effort to give her a party with her friends, since they cant get together in person, I bought her a realm for a few months. I loaded a cool custom map, and put a fence around the village at spawn, and started hiding chests around the thing with Diamonds loaded as points, etc. But this thing is barren. It is begging for some crazy builds for her and her friends to find.

Anyone that wants to help, I will give operator status so you can come in and switch to creative and explore and throw down a castle, or ruins throughout the island. The place is huge, and I started putting some ruins in wierd places so they can stumble upon them etc.


Please let me know if you want to help me give her a cool birthday surprise!