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Holiday Contest

Hello all!

I wanted to put together a holiday themed contest this year! Feel free to join!

  • When: The contest runs from the 5th of December (today) to the 1st of February 2021.
  • Where: Kingdom lot A3. Feel free to ask me for a teleport and lot permissions. All the rules are on the lectern pictured above.
  • What: Build your best holiday build in survival. You'll have a 16x16 lot, bedrock to height limit. You'll need to bring your own tools and blocks.
  • Prizes:
    • Grand prize
      • Conduit
      • Elytra (thanks to alleywig)
      • 3 Wither Heads
      • Shulker Box (thanks to ZedsterTheMyuu)
    • 2nd place
      • 3 Wither Heads
      • Shulker Box (thanks to Sepengo)
    • 3rd place
      • Shulker Box (thanks to Sepengo)
    • All participants will get a commemorative banner

If you don't feel like competing, but would still love to build, let me know! The area could use extra decorations and scenery!

Everyone will get to vote from the 1st through the 7th of February and the winners will be announced on the 8th on this forum post.

Your build will be voted on a scale from 1-5 for the following criteria:

  • Completion: Does the build appear to be finished, or is it half-baked?
  • Theme: Does the build feel part of a winter wonderland?
  • Idea/Story: Is the build idea clever, or does it tell a good story?
  • Detail: Does the build look like effort was put into the design?
  • Interactivity: Does the build allow you to do things like solve a puzzle, parkour, trigger redstone, ride a ride, play a game?

All these will be totaled up to 25 points. The winners are those with the highest points.

In addition, lower ranks will get extra points to level the playing field:

  • Settlers: 10 points
  • Citizens: 8 points
  • Architects: 6 points
  • Designers: 4 points
  • Masters: 2 points

I do provide some free food, and tools like craft tables, ender chests, water wells, looms, stone cutters, and beds for phantoms on-site.

I look forward to seeing what everyone builds!

Season's greetings, best wishes and good luck!


Could you add me on the plot the next time you are online

I would like to extend my capabilities further and offer anyone access to my flatlands lot for creative planning purposes. It is lot L11, right next to the spawn portal/sphere.

I intended to use this as a contest lot for my own contests in the future, but this seems a good use - since I will be planning my own Winter Holiday entry there as well. This is only planning purposes, and the final entry will be graded in survival. Also, no stealing ideas!

So if you want to creative-plan your build just ask.
My only requirement: tear down your structure when finished.

Hey Luke,

Add me in! The more the better :)


Add me! I'm in.

Count me in!

@emberstorms and @poke0523, you are added!


Great initiative. Add me, and happy to toss some items in to sweeten the pot.

Hey Luke, I need perms for street a3_a. Thanks

Added to a3_a and a4!

Here's a map of the site on December 15th, it starts to look good :)

Holiday Contest Site, December 15th

Sorry for bothering again but I need a3_a as well


I need the south streets near the arenas.

Launching my ShortTrack contests today!!

Here are the rules, they are also available ingame on a lectern and on clickable stories:

Short Track Contest Rules

Submit here or contact me for inscriptions :)

Ooops I think the previous link was an editor link. This here should be a viewer link, and therefore shouldn't request any special permission:

Short Track Contest Rules View

Update: I'm upgrading the special prizes for people who beat me at my challenge from 1 ingot to 1 BLOCK of netherite.

They're exposed under the podium just like the other prizes.

Besides, I'm applying the same rules to myself as to the other contestant, so my previous record of 73 at the time challenge has been deleted since it was without witness. My record with witness is 75. Reminder: first challenger to EQUAL my score in presence of a witness gets the special prize.