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Netherite rush

ATM, I have unearthed 44 pieces of ancient debris (6 pieces of armor / tools upgraded, 3 more perished in lava, 2 netherite ingots still unused), so here are some stats on this ore:

- all the pieces of ancient debris ore were uncovered within height level 11-17
- in 9 cases ore was found in clusters of 2 pieces
- in 5 cases ore was found in clusters of 3 pieces
- in 6 cases the ore was either concealed, or covered by a lump of blackstone deposit (within netherrack)

Any more clues/stats on locating of ancient debris ore?

I have had the most luck digging on level 13. Seems to be a sweet spot. I dig 2 tall using a fortune pick with mending. Be sure to mine all quartz and gold you find. It keeps the pick pretty much always repaired.