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New Year, New faces of Uncovery


A New Year for Uncovery.  Many new faces and many of us have changed over the year.  I figured that this would be a good time for new pictures to match with the names.  If you have been here for years, months, or very new, faces are always good to match with the name.  If you like.  The 2 little ones with me are my 2 youngest, Dawn (smaller one) and Deanna.

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Relaxing day

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That's me xD Not sure why its sideways but if u click it it straitens xD

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Goodness, a new wave again... I don't even recognize myself from the last one. So here's me now!

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I've been dealing with cancer the past year. Here is a before and after. Just finished chemotherapy. Waiting on the hair to return!

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Lego Land Orlando dj and cake_lady

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Me last thursday along with my daughter (luludeg), before I came back home. Me yesterday morning, back in Toulouse..


Cheers Alley, all the best!!

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lego land florida

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It's usually me behind the screen with the other two watching. I'm the one with the pigeon, there's also Andrea and our stroppy cat Barney.

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I thought I'd put here links to the 2 previous threads:

"Faces of Uncovery":

"New Faces of Uncovery":

Lots of broken links, but many of the pics can still be seen by copy/paste into a brower's url slot..

@bouncin': did I see french beer? ;p


Yes you did, Stephdeg. Kronenbourg 1664 is very common here, I rarely buy it as I'm a beer snob that likes crafty things.

Thank you so much Stephdeg for posting the past Faces of Uncovery.  I loved looking at those again.  There are many there that I do not see anymore.  CRY.  So many faces that went to other places or that are too busy to play now.  Lot of memories.

Wrote a few new books, survived a surgery... Life is always much more interesting than I could possibly imagine.

Selfie's not my major skill, so please don't get afraid.

February 05, 2018

This is the face of CharitableClas

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Gosh, so much has transpired since I first joined this server. I'm not even anything similar to the person I was then. The best part about how my life has changed: my babies!! <3

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..and here's addeggar, saying hello to his grand sister luludeg, thanks to Uncovery.

I hope that Adrien and Lulu can meet this summer (well our summer, her winter), but for the moment they're 10.000kms appart and both excited to have played together on the server :)

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Summertime, back to basics with addeggar..

Had the pleasure of meeting LukeCreative in the wild!

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Another day at the office.

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POW! Wait... was that Jim or Carrie? Can't tell.

(I made sepengo's relpy cursed. i'm sorry.)