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newer mobs availability

Hey, I searched, but couldn't find a topic on this already so forgive me if its been brought up before Unc.

Is there any possibility of getting spawn eggs in the shop for the new animals that have come out in the past years? I am really interested in adding in Pandas to my asian city, and have wondered about polar bears and llamas too for some areas I have that i want to build in. Parrots would be cool in the jungle areas. If we could have the option to purchase spawn eggs like we can for some mobs that would be great. I know the eggs were taken out of the lottery years ago after people were using them in mobspawners, but that ability was taken away a long time ago. Could they be added back into the lottery at a very low percentage even?

Just a thought. Thanks Unc!

Thanks, it's a valid point. I will try to look into it soon.

Thanks unc!