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"Project Villager"

Since it's theoretically possible to gain a Villager on a Skyblock lot, I began preparing for that challenge. I don't know whether it's a megaproject, but the following should be done to gain a villager:

- 1 golden apple (meaning I need to collect 72+ golden armor pieces out of mobs generated in a dark room spawner)
- special design of a dark room preventing mobs from reaching its bottom when necessary
- a good portion of luck to lure a Zombie villager first to a safe area, then to wait for a Witch that could throw Weakness potion to the Zombie Villager, without actually approaching him

So far, I built a safe diamond area on Skyblock lot k12. Note: the warp areae of it leads to a water pool; if you are in danger (say, falling into Void or outnumbered by mobs), then typing

/skyblock warp block_k12

can save you and your inventory. It saved mine many a time.

ATM, it took mining approx. 18000 cobblestone blocks to get what I have. The next stage is building proper dark room, witht the above mentioned design allowing to separate and cure Zombie Villager.


Block K12

Update. Upper (initial height) and lower (the floor) parts of the lot are built and mostly safe.

There are two slime chunks (walled safely) at the floor - feel free to use if necessary. The safe ladder to the floor is in the western part of the lot (face the spawn sphere).