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Rail Network Scavenging

Hi all.

I seem to have found myself on the darklands rail network on the live server a lot this weekend and a few thoughts came to mind. Which (if any) materials are being reclaimed from the live rail network before the new darklands overwrites it? Obviously I'd rather all materials go back to the ones who put them there in the first place since that place must have taken a LOT of work but are any of the materials (diorite/granite/andesite) just going to be abandoned to be overwritten?

I would say that nobody is purely reclaiming "their" materials. Rather, people reclaim what they can and deposit it later for the reconstruction. So if you want to reclaim stuff and then help rebuild the new darklands rail system with it, please go ahead. Given the vast system I would think that stone materials are not being reclaimed as much as the actual rails.

Okay sounds good. Well if people want a hand ripping up the rails (or any other bits) nearer the time let me know ūüôā

My guess is that there will be a huge surplus of rails from the current DL as I heard people wanted to make the new transport network based on blue ice.

Over the past few months the current Darklands has been slowly picked apart and the stuff saved on one of my lots that I have made a Darklands storage on.  The items in the storage are being saved for the new Darklands.  Thanks for the reminder, for I need to go and pick up the last of the rails in the current Darklands.

Dai and I finished picking up the rails yesterday.  Once we have the final notice on the Darklands I will be taking my kids, for guards, into the Darklands and pick up the glowstone and do a final pickup on the blocks left around the spawn area.  All that we gather will be saved for the next Darklands.  I have a lot that has a large area for storing the stuff for the new darklands.  A lot of the blocks that have been picked up at the current darklands are being stored there and many people have also donated blocks.

There has been some planning on how the new tunnel system will look.  It will have blue ice, rails, and color concrete.  The color concrete will be used on the walls to color code what tunnel you are in on one side and white concrete on the other side, marking which rail is the out rail and which rail is the in rail.  This will help guide people when they come into the tunnel and do not know which direction is spawn.  There is also plans for places along the tunnels to put in doors and a small room going out of the tunnels.  This is in hopes that people will take them instead of going through the tunnels and leaving it open behind them.  There will also be color glass at areas that open up past the tunnel walls.  We want to try to make the tunnels more eye-catching and interesting.  When the tunnels are done the works on the parks along them will start.

Something very important to note.  Michelleasaurus worked and completed a tunnel system in the Nether that will be connected to the new Darklands with a series of portals.  I believe that she did all this work by herself.  When the New Darklands opens these portals will be lit, moved up to the surface I believe by closing and remaking and opening, and safe houses made around them.  So this will give another way to go out into the Darklands.  Remember that these portals are one way, out into the Darklands only.

The tunnels in the current darklands were really nice looking and very helpful to a lot on getting in and out of the areas.  The tunnels in the next darklands are going to be better.  With all the mats saved and donated the building of the tunnel system will go much faster.