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Suggestions for Data Packs to be added

Does the server support data packs (not sure if it's a server thing or something built into Minecraft)?

If it does I was thinking that it'd be nice to add the More Mob Head Drops and Customizable Armor Stand cosmetic data packs once 1.14 releases, if everyone agrees.

More Mob Head Drops adds:
A lag-free player head that can be dropped from almost every mob in the game based on a percentage drop rate. The player head has a texture that is equal to or resembles the head of the slain mob. (the normal mob head drops are unaffected to my knowledge: creeper, wither skeleton, etc.)

Customizable Armor Stand adds:
A book that can be opened and there's clickable text in the pages that allow you to pose the nearest armor stand (at the time of opening the book). This one might be a bit more complicated since it would have to only work on your lot. (so I won't be disappointed if it's not added).

Link to downloads:

thanks for the suggestion, I will look into this.