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Trying 1.18

Hello folks,

Has anyone tried playing 1.18 ?

The most prominent features, as I see, are
- monsters spawning only at light level 0 (sharp)
- maximum height of Overworld set to 320,  minimal one to -64
- ores are more abundant now

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Is there a plan to update Uncovery to 1.18?

Hey, so far, unfortunately, no.

Issues here:

1) The build height changes with 1.18. This means that all lots need to be updated, otherwise anyone would be able to build below/above other's lots.

2) The world generation changed, This means we would have to reset the Darklands again, despite that this happened very recently. I am not sure how much time to give to people to prepare for this since it just happened. Input would be appreciated.

3) From what I know several plugins need updating, 2 of which I wrote myself - so I need to do the updating first.

4) I have several personal projects going on that take a lot of time from me, likely until end of April. This is stuff where a lot of people and real-live actions & events are depending on that cannot be moved without starting to cost a lot of money.

4) As you might have read, we are in the middle of a massive corona outbreak here in Hong Kong - where I live. E.g. current waiting time for an ambulance for covid cases is more than 36 hours and they are planning to lock down the whole city this months (i.e. don't leave your home) for 10 days to test everyone. So people panic-buy supermarkets empty.  All the issues around that take a lot of time from me and make it difficult to organize the above.

I still feel the update should be done but at this time it's hard to commit to any schedule.

Thanks for the insights. Sounds like you have a lot going on that rightfully takes precedence over game updates. Are there things you need that you cannot get that we may be able to send you? I’m sure it would be slow arriving but these events have often been longer than expected.

On much less important matters, there’s been very little building around spawn compared to recent Darklands. It’s not like other instances where we had mass community projects to tear down. For my part, short notice reset on Darklands would be no problem.

Take care of yourself and let us know of any way we can help.

That's really kind, we have everything we need!

Let me put up a note on the frontpage regarding 1.18 and then we see when we actually update.

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Great news. It would be pleasure to test/otherwise assist with whatever I can.

It would be kind of pity to re-evacuate Darklands, but the brave new worlds would be a good compensation for any loss.

Take care!

I think  as much as we have had a recent reset and i am not happy but if it is required and because of programming and resets plus it is true we get to play in an entirely new area i say ok, sigh

side note, please stay safe unc you and the family and try and stay sane considering everything that is happening.

p.s. concerning my request on creepers to have squeaky shoes did you get anywhere with that?

I remember for previous updates, the new darklands ran on its own server until the rest of the server could be updated. If this is still possible, it might be good for the server.

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