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Amethyst geodes and other 1.17 trends and news

So, as I understand it, as we were excitedly digging for Hearts of the Sea and ancient debris, we will soon be excitedly looking for amethyst geodes. In local game, I saw the budding amethyst in action. Quite formidable, those amethyst farms.

Along with much higher amount of iron and gold available from ores, that will make building (esp. railroad building) much more fun.

And yes, looking forward to uncovering glowing berries in new mineshafts' chests.

@Uncovery, do you plan to add, say, goat spawning eggs to your shop?

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Yes sure, I still have to take the time to go through all the new blocks, items and critters to make sure they are well integrated into the store. Then I'll also check for the spawn eggs. It will likely take a couple of days until I get around to that. Please remind me if it takes too long.

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Great! Of course I understand this is all time-consuming, so I personally have no problem to wait.

I didn't think the amethyst geodes are that big. There's still time till the end of August, so I think I'll gather some amethyst shards.

Inside the amethyst geode

Dripstone and stalactites

Could the the Budding Amethyst Block be added to game in a way? It cannot be obtained when mined with a silk touch tool. Also not under effect of a Haste II Beacon and a Silk-EffiV-Pick. That was mentioned in a Reddit-Forum but I think it was for Bedrock Edition.                                                                                                                                                                                    Possibly the Extra-Fine-Block-Of-Dirt might be removed from the lottery and the budding amethyst block could take place instead with a way less chance to get (like a home). That would be great.                                                                                         Or it could be sold in the shop for a high price for like 2000 Uncs or so.

No, sorry. There are a bunch of other blocks that are also unobtainable and I don't want to start this.

@riedi73 Actually, even naturally generated geodes, when you place your Darklands home nearby, are overkill. I did just a quick search in arbitrarily selected spot, and found 5 geodes within distance of 128 blocks from the start point. And they do generate  amethyst shards at an insane rate (I collected a chest of shards in less than 3 hours of game play).