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Want a new lot.

I picked a lot close to my friend but I decided it's ugly and I don't like it, I was wondering if there is a way to abandon that lot and pick a new one. I have one in mind that is available. Thanks for the help.

Also wondering, I have 3 Minecraft accounts, Am I able to use all 3 of them on this server to pick lots and give my main account permission to build on it ?

Hey 🙂

Firstly, no you cant pick a new lot as it's defined on the FAQ sheet on the webpage (

Sencondly, with mutliple accouting we had issues a little bit ago; it was missused. So it's not allowed anymore here.

Did you even read the rules when you took the test?

It is quite clearly stated about choosing lots and also as Riedi73 pointed out Multiple accounting is NOT allowed because of the mis-usage, if you did not look at the lot before you chose it and only chose it because of where it was then i am sorry you are still stuck with it, those are the server rules and they apply to all.  Why not make it a build project and turn it into something you can consider as not ugly.