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Well, this certainly sucks.

Oof. so...... Chopped the top of my thumb off in a wood working accident. Then when i was on the mend with that, got sick, Spent a few weeks in the hospital with Covid. Getting my work and home life back together and sadly forgot to keep my donator status up.

Appears I lost everything I have built. All 3 cities in Kingdom, and all my materials in Empire. This sucks.

Not a chance that you have a backup stored Unc? Not that I would ask for it in game. Life happened, and I screwed up. Would just love to have a copy to load at home after all those years of work.

I may actually cry at this point.


Sorry to hear that.

  1. which lots?
  2. when was the last time the content was still there (in case you know)

Ouch.. really sorry to read that Jonno :( :(

Your stuff was a major asset of the server and I feel its loss too..


Get well Jonno. Sorry to hear about this. Hit me up for some support when you are on.

Unc, when I can get on my computer at home, I will look and give you a list of lots. It couldn't have disappeared long ago, I swear I logged in before everything happened, so it should have still been there at least a few weeks ago.


Well, another bout with illness and another return to the hospital occurred. Please be careful. COVID is real and no joke.

Actually in great shape now, and feel 100%, except for this.

I wish I had it in me to start over from the beginning, but there is no way to get that many Kingdom lots and all of the materials I had saved up and start over from scratch. This really sucks to think about. I wish I had made a bigger donation. I remember donating in people's names to make sure things didnt disappear in the past. I truly love this place and wish I had the time to spend a few years building it back, but dang it, this hurts too much to think about.

Sorry if I let anyone down by letting it go while I was sick. I have really and truly enjoyed the years I have spent here, and I wish I could keep going, but I did love coming on and building a building or two in my cities and keeping it going. But it was much easier when I had all the materials on hand, and I just dont think I can do that again from the start.

Thanks to everyone that helped me build something, or gave me perms to help build something on your plots. I had a lot of people that I considered good friends on here over the years, and a few I still keep in touch with IRL. This is a fantastic server, and it makes me sad that logging on here now hurts so much. Every building had a story and meaning behind it that I thought about every time I walked through.

I wish I had done a world back up or something to save those towns. I will check back everynow and again because I truly love this place and the community.

Thanks for all the good times Unc, and everyone here.

Jonno, I am so sorry about everything that has happened. I'll never forget the memories I had with you throughout the years, especially building that ship years ago.

I am glad to hear you are doing better, especially after everything you dealt with.

I hope everything works out for you in the future and hope to see you again soon.  :)

So sorry to hear that Jonno. I know how you feel. Losing Eagle Bay hit me hard too. What I can say is that starting new does have its own challenges, but it is also a lot of fun. A clean slate to try new builds, fix old mistakes, and with the update, explore new possibilities. If you are looking to get started again, I know you will find support here. I received lots of help from the community without ever asking for it. I for one always loved seeing your builds and am willing to share my resources with you to help you start up again. I also have a good reserve of Uncs at the moment and would be more than happy to make a donation so you can get your kingdom lots back. If you decide to come back, just send me a reply here and let me know if you need anything.

I hope to see you soon.

-Wraithius (Pagreifer)


No! Jonno, I'm sorry I got to this pretty late. I'll miss Shanmullach and how cool it was. Heaven's Reach will miss its neighbor. Glad you are feeling well!