IRC chat

IRC is a text chat. We have an interface between the minecraft server and the chatroom. Whatever is said in Minecraft can be seen on the server and vice versa.

You can chat directly on this page, in the window below. If you do not want to use this here, you can reach the uncovery chat channel also by using a IRC client, which you have to download, configure etc, or by opening this web interface, which is the same as the window below, but outside of this website.

The irc network is and the channel is called #uncovery. Once you are connected, you cannot talk in the channel without registering on the IRC network. To do so, you need to follow these directions.

ATTENTION: The Web interface link above and the form below pre-fills your information such as nickname and channel for easy login. If you need to change your nickname on IRC because the one you use for minecraft is already given away, please connect to this link instead and enter your new nickname manually. There is no need to register a different nickname on this blog or even on

Once you are registered and type something in IRC it will be seen in the game too. The only difference is that the nickname is followed by [IRC].
If you are in-game and someone is on IRC, you can send them a direct message with the command /imsg <username> <message>