Good news, everyone!

Well, not only good, also some bad ones first:

The server is down due to the update of the software w/o having an update for the mods & plugins. So in essence, the server will stay offline until this is fixed.

Now the good ones:

Since the mobs finally work, the server will convert to true “survival mode”. Since being able to spawn hundreds of diamond blocks is not really what survival is all about, we will drop the “creator” level, and everyone has to mine for their blocks.

To make it not too hard, all diamond tools will be for free. But since there are already thousands of diamond blocks on the map that people could use, the only logical consequence will be that we scrap the map.

Yes, you heard right, the old map will be gone. I generated a new one with lots of different landscapes, no more ridges that were created in the last update etc. Also, I will be giving the same space to everyone: a 100×100 blocks from top to bottom.

Also there will be a new user level system with guest, user, regular and VIP status, allowing different actions. So the people who come often and have been on the server in the past get real rewards.

This is the main gist, with some more details to come. So let’s all wait for the new mod to be coming and some scary nights on the server with mobs galore!