Server down!

Dear all,

since the minecraft software was updated, the server is down since the additional software packages that I use to manage user rights etc has to be updated too. While we are waiting for that to happen, let’s go outside with a shovel and a pickaxe for some real life minecrafting!

8 thoughts on “Server down!

  1. I don’t know about the pickaxe but I did have to shovel a considerable amount of snow, it didn’t even drop snowballs. :(

    • i know me too… i live in sunriver oregon and it snowed all last night…i hate it i didnt get any snowballs either just a back ache and a clean driveway.

      • I feel your pain, I live in Sweden and we have more snow coming in soon. Oh well, white Christmas and all that, what!

  2. Uncovery do you have a msn i wona server chat with you :b

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