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As you know, we have a quite decent map based on Google maps engine. The issue here is that there is no overlay of the quadrants for protected area and there are no icons for the spawn, people or other important places. I know that this is possible, but I have no idea how to do this. So if someone is able to write JS and wants to help, I would be very happy to get some support here.

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  1. The google map system takes alot of procces power! so i removed it from my server.

  2. ummmm there are two plugins that do parts of what you may want they are plugins through hmod one is, the other i forgot its name but enables names and icons on the google map.

    I can write Javascript but atm busy if it can wait till maybe late january when i get back i can do it then however i link the other plugin once i find it again

    • Yes, I have seen mapmarkers but I do not know how to include the Json file it creates into the map…

  3. I can write rudimentary code, But your best bet would probably be maybe flash, Much more rich, interactive, and you can do anything with it basically, But I can read up some more on javascript, do some sample testing and optimisation etc. I’m here to help, If i can i’ll try have a working script by the time you get back :)

    Email me @

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