Moved to new server – more RAM and the consequences

Ok, I have moved the server and the website to the new machine. We have now 64bit, 8GB Ram, 2.5Ghz Quad core. What are the consequences?

  • We can let in more users. I have set the limit to 20 for now. Please also do your part in getting new users on the map. You can post reviews on the thread. The higher the post is in the thread, the more people will come. Also become fan on the facebook page if you can.
  • We can have a larger map. I have removed the grey area around the center of the map. All areas from A-T and 1-20 can be requested now
  • We can use more warps, redstone and minecarts. Use it, but please do not go crazy or have self-running looping mechanisms. I will come up with new user level permissions in the coming days for warps and /home etc

Regarding the resetting of areas: Since the old backups seem to be corrupt, I cannot easily reset an area. I allow people to choose a new one on the map and will blacklist the old one.

Once I have a batch of them together, I will delete the files there manually and give them out again. You can request a new area through the form on the website. I will check if you have another one already and delete your access to the old one.
Also, during the move to the new server, somehow the comments from the last 8 days got lost. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea how that happened.

15 thoughts on “Moved to new server – more RAM and the consequences

  1. NO!!!!! Capped net :'( I wont be able to play on the server until THE 14TH!!!! :'( :'( I am NOT happy :'(

    Well in the meantime I have actual work to do Haha, Let’s try get everything done by the end of the holidays…

  2. when you switched the server the website’s database malfunctioned.
    i think thats were the comments went

    • i also decided to go and read archives from the beggining while server was down.
      manga need to read your replies and shut up.

  3. Anyone know how long the server is going to be down for?

  4. I was planning on Renovating today but I cant connect. GRRRRRRR >:L

  5. Uncovery, maybe you should uncovery yourself from your covers and start up the minecrack server…

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