IMPORTANT! Chest protection issue

Unfortunately the current chest protection is broken. Double chests are not protected. Please go as soon as possible and either lock your chests into a closed room (w/o doors) or split them into single chest. There is unfortunately no better alternative now. The other way would be to switch to another software to do that, but that would require all chests to be manually locked.

5 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! Chest protection issue

  1. it was a pain but it will be overcome with joy win thursday comes.

    • thursday is going to be a bad day in the game due to bukkit not being ready and hmod breaking. Anyways i am not able to play till the weekend or later so have fun people. Stealing is wrong. Whatever other cliches. Anyways my chests atm have only basic items and blocks in in a sealed off area so meh.

      • The fact that Bukkit is not ready is not an issue. Neither Bukkit nor HMod will be ready on the day a new version comes out. They all have to catch up.
        HMod will be updated until Bukkit is working anyhow. And this will take some 1-2 weeks if you ask me.

        • now that i think about it. will the temp map be up on thursday?

          • ill take the poll as a yes.. im now conflicted between

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