Even better news! Old map is back!

Guys, the old map is back, yay! Please make sure that your plot works for you. The lots are now called lotA1 instead of block_A1 but otherwise all should be the same. If there are any issues, please tell me!

Please note that the plugins release new versions every day now. So there will be restarts of the server and things that break because of interference between two plugins. So please be patient.

Also, please vote for us! You can do so once ever 24 hours!

What works:

  • Area protection,
  • chest protection
  • whitelist access
  • building rights
  • /home is now set with /home set (details here)
  • IRC
  • fire cannot spread

What does NOT work:

  • the borders of your lot might be off by one block on the borders. Please check and tell me if they are not OK.
  • Kits
  • wodden sword for area identification,
  • Creepers make holes,
  • Spawn area is NOT safe from mobs
  • the hospital, the trading post
  • the PvP areas
  • /list /who etc
  • /tp
  • when someone adds themselves to the whitelist or the edit rights, a relogin is not enough. the plugin has to be reloaded manually.

What got lost:
The multiple owners per plot. If you allowed someone else to be on your lot, please tell me. You can leave a comment here and I will add them for you.

I will try to add more stuff in the coming days.

13 thoughts on “Even better news! Old map is back!

  1. Uncovery could you please add cousac and sockso to lot E13 please? Thanks

  2. WOOOT oh and are the groups still working, like Bear’s ?

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