New Chat Channels installed

There are several in-game chat channels. Here are the commands to use them:

  • /ch help (displays help)
  • /ch <channel> set active channel. Whatever you say will be in that channel.
  • /ch list List all people in the active Channel
  • /join <channel> Join a channel. You will read whatever is in that channel
  • /leave <channel> Leave a channel. You will not see anymore whats in the channel
  • /<channel> <msg> Send a message to a channel that is not your active channel
  • /ignore <player> Ignore a player (Duh!)
  • /ignore Shows all your ignored players

You can use the first letter of each channel as a nickname. So you can replace every <channel> in the above list with the first letter of the channels available.

Available Channels:

  • General (‘g’): The channel for everything & everyone, color: White
  • HelpMe (‘h’): If you need help using the server; color: Purple
  • Trade (‘t’): If you are looking/offering blocks/items; color: Green
  • Local (‘l’): Can be read only by people less than 100 blocks away; color: Light Blue
  • VIP (‘v’): Can be joined/read only by VIPs; color: Yellow
  • Off Topic (‘o’): For all non-minecraft chat; color: Rose

2 thoughts on “New Chat Channels installed

  1. Interesting. Maybe some of this would fit in the In-Game commands help section.

    • I have been working to include non-homemade plugins into the in-game help. It’s work in progress, I was distracted by other projects that are more important. But it will come.

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