Map Enlarged!

I have just enlarged the borders of the map from coordinates -1000/1000 to -1500/15000 in both n/s and e/w directions. Please go to the 2D map to see the result. This means that we have more than doubled our available lots to almost 860 publicly available regions.

Please not that because of this, all lot names have changed. The owners & members should be still the same though!

I left a 5 block gap where the railway went around the old border for further infrastructure. So those blocks which touch the old borders are 5 blocks smaller than the others. Also, the new lots are not available yet.I still have to decide if I will make space for public areas in the new regions or maybe other infrastructure lots (for later warp gates, nether gates etc). I can well imagine to build gates that teleport people closer to their destination since the new lots are too far away to walk there safely. I will announce once the new lots are available. The new lots that are the outmost 3 fields (A-C, 1-3, 28-30, AB-AD) will be generated newly so they have the new trees and ores in them!

So feel free and go around exploring the new areas, they will be up for grabs in a couple of days!

15 thoughts on “Map Enlarged!

  1. So if they are up for grabs… we can have another lot or is it just for new peasents?
    BTW Bears army is now active we are the defenders of everything good pure and innocint, all things in this awesome server, we are at war with GAMMA which we shall crush!!(tehe) any people who stand against us will be DESTROYED!!! (figuratively of course :)

    • If one MIT graduate with a ******* Crowbar can defeat a Alien race who took over the planet in less the seven hours, Another set of aliens that beat everyone else in blackmesa, Elite US Marines AND the H.E.C.U who have the best soliders MONEY CAN BUY. I CAN EASILY DEFEAT a group [Bears army] who are designed with an ambition in becoming a user like the Prestigeous, Noble, sometimes Aardvarkial, any other noble traits BUT is All Around AWESOME ‘OSF’.

      1. Bear, I do not do Autographs at the moment please ask again later.

      2. Bear, Maybe i start a war with GAMMA then go back and finish you.

      3. Bear, Do you like KEBABS? Cause, i do.

      4. Bear, ME > YOU or something [DON’T worry i say that to everyone]

      • OHHH hell naw, We have a secure tower in the public area which is much better than stupid old black mesa which doesnt exist anymore becuase of the bomb, thanks Adrian Shepard. But I was just back from Black Mesa east raping with Eli Vance, and he decided to give me a lend me the gravity gun… so yeah I just shot a fridge at you…. Not to metion at the end of half life two episode one Gordan has taken by taken by the combine and episode three may never come out so
        HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH Bears army is never going to be defeted by the likes of Gordan Freeman, Of and dont get in my way, you’ll be the Right man in the wrong place which will make all the diference in the world, so wake up Mr.OSF, wake up and smell the ashes….

          • 1. He was not Captured at the End of Episode, the decoy train was hit.

            2. And Garry Newman delayed Episode Three

            3. I have a Physics Gun aswell and i froze all the props and prevented them from ever being able to hit me

    • How exactly do you go to war with PvP off? Is it more of a cold war and trade embargo?

      • we cannot fight with fists then our machines with arrows will have to

  2. How come it says february 3rd and I can’t get on the server?

    • Server crashed, map might be too big, hope Unc gets it going soon..

    • I hope you agree these are independent issues?
      The server froze which is bound to happen once in a while, given that there are more people, more problems will come up.

      The time is the imezone of the server, so the date can be different too.

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