Mall Oddity discovered

Today when building the western outpost mall I discovered that two player who should be located in the northern outpost had build their store already there. I have no idea how this was possible or happened. I relocated the stores to the northern mall

Hiosa and Simmonsrb please check your mall boxes in the northern mall and place your signs. I only relocated the boxes and their content and not the signs. If you can give me a hint how your stuff ended up being there I would be happy.

5 thoughts on “Mall Oddity discovered

  1. i just was checking the lots and found out that i could put one there

    • That’s also strange. I must have made a mistake with the permissions then. I thought I have not placed any permissions there so nobody was supposed to be able to place something there.

      • question what happens with the Public Area Lots/your select ones [PvP/Outposts]

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