Did you get updated?

As you can see some posts below, I asked everyone not to update until I would announce that it is OK. Some of you however did not get the choice to update or not and now cannot get onto the server. You need to first download the most recent minecraft.exe from the server so you won’t be force-updated. The you can downgrade your according to this forum post and connect back to the server.

9 thoughts on “Did you get updated?

  1. If you used the new launcher it would ask you, and it also ask you if you play through the website…

  2. I was using the old loader and it forced an update. Oh well, I’ve got stuff I need to focus on anyway…

  3. Yeah, I was forced to update, too… trying to get it working again with the Unc’s info.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Big problem for me… my fault too. I would appreciate any help however:

    I was auto-updated. I attempted to “downgrade” and I did according to what I was told to do. Here’s the problem: Whenever I go to login on the launcher, I’m told that “Not Downloaded” which I assume means something went terribly wrong. Could I have some help, anybody have some experience wit this?

    Note: I have already tried deleting and re-downloading Minecraft. No luck with that either :(

  5. Fixed it. It was a problem with the new launcher. I just downloaded the old launcher, with 1.3 and it worked great :) See you all when Uncovery gets updated :D

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