Some bad news, some good news, not perfect yet

The bad news are: The maintainer of the following plugins has quit:

  • Warp Gates
  • Permissions
  • iConomy

However, except for the warp gates, there are well working replacements available.

Also, both the WorldEdit and the WorldGuard plugins that are essential for the server being updated to MC 1.3 are being worked on and there are alpha/beta version available but the bugs are still too serious to install them.

So what does that mean?

  • It might not take too long until we can upgrade to 1.3, probably Sunday or Monday
  • I will have to transfer to a new Shop Plugin and a new Economy plugin for the money management, trying to keep everyone’s balance (should be possible)
  • Some functionality like the shops will come a bit later so I have time to test them AFTER we upgrade the server.

So I still recommend to downgrade your client if you have not done so and continue playing on the server until I can make sure that the full server protection is available.

13 thoughts on “Some bad news, some good news, not perfect yet

  1. Hey Uncovery this sounds great!

    But I was wondering if you could postpone this end of the contest until possibly Monday or Tuesday because I really want to submit pictures for the contest. I have tried about 4 different things to try to downgrade to 1.2_02 but I have had no luck. If you can’t, I understand.

    Thanks :D

    • Yeah, actually given the price I set out I was hoping for more submissions. I think I will postpone the thing for one more week.

    • HI… I did what Ladoman said and all worked ok, by the way I visited that deadly trap you call lot >.>… I will post my expericence about it when I can figure out some realy nasty story :p

      J/k it was very nice to visit :D

  2. That’s a shame about the devs quitting. Especially since the Permissions plugin was the model that Bukkit was going to use for implementing the same within the server itself.

    I’m glad to hear that WorldG/E are well on their way, but more importantly that we have you watching out for our best interests.

    Thanks again for all your work, Uncovery.

    • Actually I read conflicting reports on that. Some bucket devs claimed that the model used was not their preferred method.

    • The Worldguard version is at Alpha-1, the World-edit version is at beta-7.
      I have to re-write the permissions integration that makes you peasant and settler and other stuff, test all plugins and catch up with 3 days of business emails. I would rather say Tuesday :-)

      Honestly I do not know. I will have to check the comments for all plugins to see that they are stable and do not cause conflicts etc. It might take a bit longer if the plugins themselves are not ready yet.

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