Contest extended for a week

I have decided to move the contest for a week since some people could not log due to the updates. The new due date in Sunday night next week (Hong Kong time +8). If you want to resubmit your stuff with new screenshots, please see if you can edit your entry or add another one mentioning that you want to cancel your first one.

7 thoughts on “Contest extended for a week

  1. Editing or deleting posts doesn’t seem possible on that bbpress forum, unless I’m overlooking the button?

  2. So you will have the server finished by Tuesday, right? Because I don’t know how much I can play this week….

    • No, I never said that. I am hoping. It depends on other plugins being finished. Once they are done, I can start my work implementing them. If there is further delay I will extend the deadline further.

  3. mm i am just going to wait until the server upgrades to 1.3

  4. Am i aloud to post a video Uncovery. I made this roller coaster and I want to submit it to the contest. If any of you want to test out my roller coaster, come to lot R11. You can see tracks coming out of a building so you can’t miss it.

    Love the server Unc

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