Nether enabled! (well… 90%)

Ok guys, I enabled the nether. Here is how it works:

  • You can build your own portal to get there
  • Going back will always bring you to a portal near spawn
  • Only Settlers and above can use nether portals
  • The nether has the same protection as the normal world, so you cannot just mine anywhere. I will make the nether a public area once I can do that with a bit protected starting point.
  • There is a border around the nether like the normal world but much smaller, 190 blocks to be equivalent of the normal map.
  • You can find the public area equivalent in spawn and mine there if you want.
  • Do NOT teleport people into the server since this might cause problems

If you experience bugs, crashes, lag or similar please tell me.

11 thoughts on “Nether enabled! (well… 90%)

  1. Going back does not work- Teleporting to nether is very dangerous!!
    Only way to go back is die, and RELOG! (Else you still will get damage, because your client thinks your still in the nether!)

  2. Server is really laggy again, same as last Nether test, you can bring stuff into nether, but not out of it. And when you use the portal (any portal) there seems to be a 50/50 chance that you spawn under the portal, standing in some lava if you’re unlucky.

  3. Nether-induced lag is definitely back. Seems to come in spurts – often bad enough to lag-out.

  4. Enkl nailed it. Lag is back, and it does come in spurts. I lagged out twice today, which never occurs on my connection.

  5. I made a portal and went in the nether. I went in it again and i was on the spawn portal. I was hoping i can dig in the nether on my lot, but i can’t dig because of this.

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