Darklands now functional as intended!

Today I had the time to update the darklands as I wanted to have them since the beginning:

  • They are endless big
  • You can mine and do as you like
  • creepers explode
  • all kinds of illumination except lightstone is impossible
  • it is impossible to /warp, /tp, /home, /spawn, /sethome etc

So infinite riches have their price and the play there should be even harder than SSP. Have fun!

To be clear(er): You have to either die or go back through the portal in the tower through which you came in to get back to the normal world. Please do not come and ask what happens if all sand/whatever in a reasonable distance is gone. Once this happens, we will see what we do.

14 thoughts on “Darklands now functional as intended!

  1. I am just a little confused; so if you go into the darklands, you have to the go back to the spawn tower to leave? How do this work exactly if I am wrong?

    • If I’m not mistaken Uncovery will let us travel as far as we please, but you must come back the way you came yourself. So if you want to walk 8 miles in game, you better remember how to get back…

      (I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon…hahaha)

    • You are right. You walk back to the spawn tower. There is a portal in the upper floor. You enter it. You are back in the normal world.

  2. Finally! This should keep valuables hard to get, instead of just walking a day, getting your stuff, and just warping home without a challenge.

    • Beds should work. If they do not, I am not sure what to do since I am not aware that any plugin or setting would change how beds behave.

      • We were trying to sleep in the Darklands on Saturday and couldn’t. Before I posted this last night I was the ONLY person in the Darklands (there were four people connected and unless the indicator in chat was faulty, everyone else was in “world”) and my bed didn’t work.

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